Come Join the Band at Songs For Seeds

{Disclaimer:: This is a sponsored post but the below comments and statements are our own. We would not promote something we did not believe to be true.}
SFS-LOGOFrom the moment my daughter was born, she loved music. I turned everything into a song for her – diaper changes, feedings, bath time. Despite my singing voice, her face would light up whenever she heard music. Now that she’s 2 1/2, some days she sings far more than she speaks. Music comes naturally to her, as it does to most children. When I first heard about the unique and beneficial Songs For Seeds program, I jumped at the opportunity to try a class and quickly signed up for the summer session. From the moment we stepped inside, my daughter was in her element and thriving in the musical environment.

Knowing what I did about the Songs For Seeds experience, I was thrilled when they invited the Charleston Moms Blog contributors and their kiddos to attend a class. The opportunity to take part in the class with so many of our friends made it that much better! Everyone had such a fun and mind-expanding morning of singing, learning, dancing, and playing with the band!

So what is Songs For Seeds?

Songs For Seeds is very different from other musical programs.  It is a weekly, interactive concert for children ages newborn-6 and their parents. Kids sing, learn, dance, and play along with a trained and talented three-piece rock band. Classes take place at Dance Carolina’s main studio in North Mt Pleasant. Songs For Seeds’ fundamental belief is that children learn best through play and their unique program is designed foster cognitive development.

Here are a few reasons why we know you’ll love Songs For Seeds:

{Learning through play} Research has proven that music aids in cognitive development and leads to better school performance. Kids in the class learn about shapes, colors, numbers, animals and more each week through upbeat songseducational

{It’s the Most Fun You Can Have With Your Kids in 45 Minutes} This is one of Songs For Seeds’ mottos and it’s so true! More importantly, knowing that I am providing additional growth opportunities for my child at the same time makes this a win-win.  I asked some of our contributors for feedback and they almost all raved about how much FUN and beneficial the class was, and not just for their kids. It’s an experience that your kids will talk about, long after they’ve left class.

{You can bring the music home with you} All registered participants are given a CD for home with the same music they’ll hear each week. We find ourselves singing the songs at home, in the car, before bed, everywhere. Even my husband, who has never been to a class, has the songs memorized.2016-07-15 10.41.49-1

{The songs are catchy and have a current vibe} Think about all the annoying kids songs that you hear on a daily basis. You know the ones that stick in your head and seem to stay there forever? At Songs For Seeds the music is upbeat, modern, and catchy without being irritating.  They also throw in a few popular rock songs that parents will know and love.

{It helps build confidence} During each class, kids are encouraged to take center stage and sing with the band. Some kids only get as far as holding the microphone before getting stage fright. Others sing their hearts out. Either way they’re building confidence in themselves!sing with the band{Hands-on and interactive fun!} At the beginning of each class, the band sings a song welcoming everyone to class, going around the room and singing a line about each child. It’s so much fun to see their faces light up when they hear their name sung. At the end of each class the kids are encouraged to test out all the instruments. Imagine how much fun it would be as a three year old to be given permission to play a guitar, keyboard, or drum set!

{Magic, Bubbles, and More!} I don’t want to give away too many of the fun surprises so I’ll leave you with this… Songs For Seeds has their very own magic word used to create magic each week in class! They also have a bubble machine that results in epic dance parties. I’ve never met a kid, or adult, who doesn’t like bubbles!


Exclusive offer for CMB readers!

Ready to join the band? Songs For Seeds’ Fall semester begins on September 5 and classes are filling up quickly! Charleston Moms Blog readers will receive $40 off the semester! To take advantage of this amazing offer, email [email protected] and mention CMB.

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Thank you, Songs For Seeds, for hosting our contributors! It was an unforgettable morning that many of our kids are still talking about!