Helping Kids Learn Independently With Kumon

This post is sponsored by Kumon, however, all opinions expressed are our own.

For students across the Lowcountry (and the world over), there’s no doubt that 2020 has been the year of interrupted learning. Ending one school year abruptly separated from the classroom muddling through virtual lessons only to start another school year with one foot in and one foot out of the classroom still muddling through virtual instruction, we’ve asked a lot of our kids (and teachers) this year. Kids have been affected by COVID not only socially, but also academically.

Unfortunately, the only thing that’s been certain about 2020 is uncertainty. But not for Stephanie Cruz, who saw this year as the ideal time to bring Kumon to the Lowcountry.

Kumon Mt. Pleasant-Laurell Hill owner, Stephanie Cruz

Before she became the owner of our first Kumon center, she discovered her passion for education through coaching young athletes. A former athlete herself, Stephanie enjoyed helping kids discover their strength and build their skills through sports. She has since traded knee-pads and jerseys for worksheets and pencils to help youth in our community become empowered, independent learners.

Through Kumon, Stephanie is partnering with families to create a lifelong love of learning, build kids’ confidence, and help create stability during the learning journey-especially in this COVID-19 transition year.

What exactly is Kumon?

When you first hear of Kumon, you probably wonder what it is.

Is it tutoring? No.

Is it a school? No.

Is it something you yell at your kids to get them in the car? Close, but no. It’s pronounced Koo-mon.

So, what is it then?

Kumon is an academic learning system that inspires a love for learning, boosts self-confidence, encourages independent study, and helps develop strong foundations in the fundamentals of learning.

The Kumon Method focuses on independent instruction and skill-building through:

  1. Personalized Plans: The program is tailored to fit the abilities of each child and moves at a comfortable pace to help develop skills and build confidence.
  2. Self-Learning: Proactive, individual study time helps kids become independent learners and encourages responsibility.
  3. Small Steps: Skills are mastered and built by taking small steps.
  4. Inspiring Educators: Kumon instructors closely monitor your child’s progress and are there to encourage and inspire each step of the way!

Through the Kumon Method, kids learn strategies that will transfer to all areas of their academic journey and beyond!

How It Works 

Toru Kumon and Takeshi Kumon
Left: Toru Kumon – The founder of the Kumon Method Right: Takeshi Kumon – Toru Kumon’s eldest son approx. second grade

The Kumon Method was created in Osaka, Japan during the 1950s out of a father’s desire to see his son succeed in school and life. Toru Kumon wanted a way for his son to take ownership of his learning journey in order to become self-motivated and understand his studies. He knew that his son would learn best if he made progress at his own pace through tools that cultivated empowerment and confidence.

Toru created worksheets for his son to do on his own for thirty minutes each day that built upon one another. This method caused Toru’s son to advance quickly to doing calculus in 6th grade! Word spread and other families began to send their children to Toru Kumon to use his method with great success.

That is how Kumon was born.

Now, at centers all over the world, Kumon students meet with their instructors to complete lessons and are then assigned worksheets specifically designed for their individual skill level to complete at home.

Lesson plans at Kumon are centered around:

  1. Carefully designed worksheets designed for your child’s individual skill-set.
  2. Step-by-step advancement making sure lessons are retained before moving on.
  3. Real-world examples help kids grasp concepts to be used in other areas.

Lessons take about 30 minutes per subject. Parents, students, and instructors like Stephanie are all involved in the journey to help ensure success! Instructors will continuously review and monitor students’ progress, report with parents, and encourage students as they move through the program.


Programs Offered in Mount Pleasant 

Located in Mount Pleasant, this new and innovative learning center is the next hub for educational growth and support in Charleston. The Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive curriculum that develops the necessary skills to help children progress from counting through calculus. The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension.

Stephanie and staff are eagerly awaiting the completed renovations to their space and are currently offering solely virtual meetings with your student once they begin their Kumon learning journey. Once they’re space is complete, they’ll be offering hybrid learning options to suit your needs.

The Kumon Math and Reading Center of Mount Pleasant – Laurel Hill desires to be a community resource for families looking to increase their children’s ability to self-learn, gain confidence in their assignments and schooling, and steward their full potential in academics and life!

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