The Investment of a Teacher


A teacher is truly like an extension of a mother. She is warm and caring, kind and loving, strict and stern, yet never cross. She’s always giving up her time to make the most of the ones she loves. She is one of the first people to greet my child’s face in the mornings, and one of the last to send them on their way at the end of the day. She fills my child’s brain with positive thoughts to expand his mind and set him up for a bright, bright future. She gains his trust throughout the year. He confides in her and shares his inner most secrets. She sets him straight when he misbehaves and redirects his actions in a thoughtful and friendly manner. She has high expectations of her little ones, and sees that they fall nothing short of them. Her children respect her and she respects them.

As yet another school year draws near an end, I find myself in awe of how wonderful my children’s teachers have been. They are my right hand and I could not do it without them. Their love and devotion to the growth and development of my babies never ceases to amaze me and for this, I could not be more grateful. I only wish that I could afford the opportunity to have my kids home with me, but unfortunately, the numbers just don’t add up. As I spend countless hours away from my children trying to make ends meet and keep a roof over our heads, my babies spend the day with their “second family.” Their school teachers, after school care providers, and nannies soak up the hours of the day experiencing many of the firsts I would hope to share with my babies.

While it deeply saddens me that I cannot be the one to paint their little fingers to make those spring time butterflies, or cuddle with them on pajama day and snuggle up while reading a favorite book; it is heartwarming to know that my baby’s teachers do a fabulous job filling in for me in my absence. Not only do we get countless art projects sent home with our children, but we also get pictures sent via text message so the distance between us doesn’t seem so far. Thank you, my friends, for being there for my children and still making me feel in a way, present.

The investment of a teacher

Thank you, for so many things

Teachers are the foundation of our future. They are the ones who pave the road for our children’s destiny. Though they are paid little in pension, the investment they make in our children on a day to day basis is priceless. Thank you, my teachers, for easing this mommy’s worry as I leave my children every day to go to work. Thank you, my teachers, for disciplining my babies to become respectful young beings, both at home and at school. Thank you, my teachers, for instilling the values needed to be successful in life into my little ones. Thank you, my teachers, for reinforcing my parental actions at home, within the classroom in order to streamline the learning processes between toddler and young man. Thank you, my teachers, for including me throughout the day by communicating with me via phone, text, email, and face to face visits. Thank you, my teachers, for not just doing your job, but going above and beyond to show your love and affection for my babies.

There is one week out of the school year that we honor and show appreciation for our teachers. I don’t know about you, but there is no food, flower, or gift that could genuinely express the gratitude I have for my children’s teachers. When I sat down to write this letter to my son’s teachers, I wanted them to know just how much they meant to me. As I poured my heart into this letter, I wondered what my teachers would think upon reading these words. When my son’s teacher responded, I was happy to see that the words I put to paper resonated with her, but more importantly, her response to me reiterated why I feel the way I do. See her response below.


The investment of a teacherThis truly brought me to tears. I have always felt I am the blessed one. I get to play, color, sing( off tune), calm fears, wipe tears, get and give giant hugs!!! That’s a job I can get behind. Thanks for sharing your sweet, precocious, intelligent, caring little man with me. Susan is an amazing teacher and I enjoy assisting her teach the children. 

Caston will always hold a special place in my heart. 



Thank you, my teachers, for yet another wonderful year. I pray that you continue to be the blessing that you are for each and every one of your students. May there never be a day that you are not aware of just how important you are to the parents of the little ones you love; for you are my right hand, and I couldn’t do this life without you. Tag a teacher that means the world to you and let them know they are loved!The investment of a teacher

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