Simple Tips For Supporting Teachers in the 2020 School Year


With some schools already reopening in-person or for distance learning, I’ve really been thinking about how stressful this year is going to be not only for my kids and me but for the teachers and other staff at school. So, I talked with some of the teachers in my life to see what would be the most helpful things for them. Whether you have decided to go back to school or stay home for school this year there are lots of ways you can help a strange, difficult time be less so.

Tips for supporting teachers this school year

  • If you’re a parent of a child who is staying at home for distance learning, make sure you still buy the whole school supply list and see if you can bring things like tissues, sanitizer, and dry erase markers to your teacher before classes start. Just because your child isn’t in the classroom doesn’t mean their teacher doesn’t need an extra pair of scissors, or glue sticks.
  • If your child will be in class, make sure they know and understand whatever guidelines your school has set. If they have to wear a mask, show them how to put it on, and let them get used to wearing it for longer periods of time. Every teacher I spoke to was worried about dealing with masks on their students and it taking time out of learning during the day. We know kids are definitely not going to be the best at wearing face masks, so as parents, we need to help with this in any way we could.
  • If you’re able, ask your child’s teacher if there is anything they specifically could use to make their year easier. Whether it’s a box of child-size masks or their favorite box of chocolates, provide them with whatever they need to get through this year.
  • Make sure your child is doing all their assignments. Check their work, including any assignments they may have from the PE or art teacher to make sure they are finished too. With all the online learning happening it’s hard for these secondary classes to make their way into the curriculum, so if it’s there, it’s important. Plus it is a nice break in your child’s day from all the book work they have.
  • Lastly, have patience. This is a whole new world for all of us and when your child’s teacher signed up for this job, this was probably not even on their radar as something that could potentially happen. It’s going to be hard, and things are going to be very different from what anyone is used to, so let’s make sure that we are all on board to be extra helpful and kind to all our teachers this year.