101 Things Charleston Moms Are Grateful for This Thanksgiving


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but 2020 has gone a bit off the rails! It’s been exhausting, stressful, and challenging for many of us, but as Charlotte Brontë said, “Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart, but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever.”  As we head into Thanksgiving, I asked over 50 Charleston moms what they are grateful for (besides their kids!) and their answers ranged from the profound to the hilarious. 

Here is what some of these incredible moms said they are grateful for:

  1. Women I can let my guard down with“, Lee Lane.
  2. “Grocery shopping by myself”, Karen Johnston.
  3. “I can move…walk up stairs/run/jump…it’s important and we tend to take it for granted”, Cathie Crocker Howard.
  4. Hot cup of coffee and a quiet place to read. I am also so thankful for the amazing mamas I have met here in SC as well as all the beautiful outdoor places you can discover here”, Trina Marie Delgado-Gerhart
  5. “I second Trina! Coffee and quiet place to read”, Heather Dodson Toeppner.
  6. “My man – he “dads his butt off” so hard and I never have to ask for a ‘break’ – he is always right there and is so supportive. Coffee and craft beers because they are two of my most favorite things. Mom friends aka this Village (FIT4MOM Charleston)”. Erica Turner
  7. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for lately! For the wonderful support network locally and flung across the country that has gotten me through this first month of being a mom to both of my little darlings! For my hands-on husband who has done so much to take care of me and the kids when I couldn’t physically do it all myself. For all of this leave time before ending active service in the Navy. For the amazing women role models, I have in this village and around the world!” Caitlin Guevara.
  8. “My awesome job at IBCF and my amazing coaching staff! Oh, and chocolate”, Shannon Jenkins McDaniel.
  9. “Hot cup of coffee, an hour before bedtime just to spend time with my husband and my own bag of gummy worms”, Keeli Robb Covington.
  10. “I’m grateful for books, mom friends that get me, my cozy home, my ridiculously hardworking husband, my MIL who I (semi) jokingly say has joint custody of Jack so Austin and I can have quality time together, and the ability to travel and experience new things”, Stevee Rose Martin.
  11. “FaceTime so we can see family daily who live out of state! “Oh, also our parks and sunsets are the best!!!” Nicole DePriest
  12. Grateful for my strong body and its quick recovery from birth. Thankful for good health for me and my family. For my husband who always puts me first, and for the little tingle of excitement when I hear the words, “Want to just order something for dinner?”, Briana Morse.
  13. “Plans to see family for the holidays! My husband lost his mom last Christmas so we are having his siblings and their families come to our house this year,” Rachel Pratt.
  14. Target Drive-Up”, Erica Baker.
  15. “I’m grateful that I don’t have to dress my kids up in snow gear to play outside”, Allison McCleary.
  16.  “I’m grateful for the health of my family and the ability to spend time together”, Breanna Carrington
  17. “I’m grateful that we can get to the beach so easily. That everyone here is from somewhere else and we find hidden connections with each other. That family will easily follow and move here too! Then you’re not so far away from them” Kirsten Rowe Hatcher.
  18. “Wine”, Ashley Ravenel.
  19. “That going to the beach with the kids can be done on a whim!” Nadja Crowther
  20. My garden“, Summer Clae
  21. “My spouse. But if we are considering materialistic things, I’d say my home/house,” Kaitlin Nicole Mounce
  22. “I’m really grateful for things like Netflix, Prime, Hulu. Sometimes when the kids are asleep or the baby is napping, I don’t feel like cleaning or doing laundry. Sometimes “me time” is getting lost in a show/movie that interests me where I don’t have to be a mom for an hour or two”, Alexandra Louise Rasmussen
  23. Medications“, Amber Rhye Weakley
  24. “A community of moms wanting to support each other and connect, our amazing teachers, COFFEE”, Jody Vitali
  25. “I’m grateful that we salt margaritas and not highways!” Savannah DuFour
  26. “Freedom. I am so grateful that I get to do what I want, when I want, and (for the most part) how I want”, Sondra Skipper Kilian
  27. “My washer, dryer, clean sheets, Nespresso machine which leads to amazing coffee dates with friends, our neighborhood that we can bike to everything, the sun (living in Seattle for 3 1/2 years made me appreciate it so much”, Kelly Jo Foushee
  28. “I’m thankful for a job I love!”, Erin Legacki-Walker
  29. “The inclusivity and opportunity that Charleston offers!” Caroline Adams.
  30. “I’m grateful for a supportive husband, two healthy boys, a job that allows me to work from home, wonderful in-laws, chocolate and wine haha!” Jennifer Hurley Smith.
  31. Safe sidewalks, baby giggles, friends I can complain to and they never make me feel bad about it, my bike, coffee, my weighted blanket, a hug from my older boys (they’re becoming rare), my husband making dinner”, Alexis Hatch.
  32. “Bike riding to school. Pools open until October and in March. Lots of parks and outdoor places to explore“, Katie Streit Reel.
  33. “Honestly trying to remember to be more thankful for another day. We had a family member pass suddenly in their mid-40s and it was a huge shock. It made us really think about things”, Heather Varner.
  34. Friends, wine and coffee”, Chelsea Lindsay.
  35. “Shark teeth hunting; painted buntings, herons, egrets in our backyard; kindle paperwhite; Outschool classes; CHS parks; misfits market (veggie box); LPs; shelter; health; job; humor”, Rebecca Brewington.
  36. “For my mama friends. They keep me sane through this journey of motherhood. And wine, but both at the same time is even better!” Gina DeZordo.
  37. “Obviously our health but r/t CHS—100% water access! My baby boy loves to “fish” and I love watching”, Brooke Nicole Chianella.
  38. “For my job and the security it provides my family”, Sydney McLeod-Bryant Barnett.
  39. Charleston’s great restaurants (I love food)! I’m from here and there are still so many I haven’t tried. At least once a year Chris and I try to do an overnight downtown at a nice hotel. We will then go to several different restaurants for apps and drinks. It’s like being on vacation!” Sarah McNeill Meany
  40. “I am thankful for the ability to wake up each day healthy alongside my family. I am also thankful that I have a job during this pandemic, and that my family is not struggling. I am also thankful to be able to help others whenever needed”, Christina Greene.
  41. “Our amazing remote learning teacher Miss Sandidge from Laurel Hills Elementary! Also my amazing PT Mike Smith at Select Therapy!” Jennifer Fontana.
  42. Froses from the Co-op. Newspapers. John Oliver. Book stores. Sudoku”, Pamela Uhles Brownstein.
  43. “I’m thankful my parents moved here with my grandmother. I’m thankful for the amazing team I work with at my job and that all my students wear masks and understand the gravity of the pandemic. I’m thankful that because of the pandemic schools are finally supplying items they should have been all along like hand sanitizer, tissue, and cleaning supplies”, Merrilee Brindamour.
  44. “Our health, sparkling rosé, a job that allows me to stay home with my children, a working dishwasher/dryer/hot water/etc (I’ve done without and that is no fun!), Amazon Prime, freedom to practice my religion, women – especially strangers – who uplift one another, romcoms, clothing consignment stores, potable water – and never having to worry about running out, Saturday’s, snooze buttons, and friends like you”, Danna Cook.
  45. Warm winters“, Sara Hill.
  46. “I am so thankful we didn’t have a hurricane this past hurricane season. I don’t think I would have survived an evacuation with a baby!” Renae Jacobson Windt
  47. “Grateful for family living close to SC to help me with my son when my husband is on work shifts where we don’t see him at all”, Alex Bogart.
  48. “Health! Being able to get out of bed every morning, being able to move and feel good, and enjoy this beautiful life! It really is all about the little things. Taking nothing for granted and appreciating the little things!” Jen Simmers Mortimer.
  49. “A surprise year of having my surprise baby home instead of in daycare!” Meg Henderson.
  50. “Super grateful for a job that I love and that can bring some normalcy to my life!” Jessica Woodison Nuttall
  51. “I am grateful for this community of moms. I’m grateful for that first sip of a hot coffee. I’m grateful for a hot shower. I’m grateful for my husband and everything he does for us, I’m grateful for the ability to lose myself in a wonderful book.” Erin DiNicola.

What are YOU thankful for this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!