2020 Vision: Embracing Stillness in the New Year


2020 is the year of clear vision. I’m convinced the only way to see life, relationships, and the future clearly is by being still. This, of course, is easier said than done because life pummels forward faster than the speed of light. Balancing work, kids, marriage, friends, and pets fill all the moments, leaving little time for quiet and even less time for reflection.

But what if those rare moments of quiet and stillness are when growth happens? What if being still allows us to hear our hearts more clearly and let the light filter in? In the midst of all the busyness of life and parenting, how can we make more time for quiet in 2020 and surrender to the truth that stillness brings?

Sadly, stillness is not sitting on the couch watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It is not found at the bottom of a bottle of Prosecco or in the social media inter-webs of our smartphones.

Stillness is simply sitting quietly, allowing our thoughts to circle, bob, and weave until they finally fall into some semblance of sense.

That said, stillness can be uncomfortable. Sitting quietly with no distractions can bring negative emotions and thoughts to the surface: anxiety, anger, guilt, sadness, addictions, and bad/traumatic memories. What happens, though, when we just sit in that discomfort and let those emotions course through us? What is on the other side?

It turns out that research supports stillness as a way of bringing more peace and connection to our lives. Here are four amazing benefits of simply being still:

  1. Rest and refresh:

    Our overloaded calendars and non-stop busyness put us in a constant, adrenaline-surging state of fight or flight. Just two minutes of silence a day can lower our blood pressure, boost our immune systems, and increase our “happy” serotonin levels. Locking yourself in the bathroom for two minutes a day is supported by science!

  1. Connect with your intuition:

    Getting quiet allows us to hone in on our intuition and be more connected with ourselves. Remarkably, being quiet can even regenerate brain cells. Allowing ourselves to “just be” increases creativity and connects us to a higher power, whether that be God or the whispers of the universe. Get quiet and listen up!

  1. Ability to let things go:

    When we’re always moving and constantly distracted, we don’t have time to process things. Getting quiet allows our brains to catch up with all the stimuli and interactions that are bombarding us. From there, we can make peace and POOF . . . release it.

  2. Become a better listener:

    Being quiet is essentially a practice of mindfulness or being in the present. As we learn to be more rooted in the moment, we become better listeners and able to be more patient and loving to our spouses, children, and co-workers.

2020 Vision_ Embracing Stillness in the New Year Charleston MomsSimply sitting still can bring clarity and light into the intricate and overstimulated maze of our minds. Imagine a lake going from a sloshing mess of waves to a serene pool of glass. Serenity now! We can all give ourselves the simple gift of quiet moments, opening our hearts to all the possibilities of 2020.


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