A (Double) Trouble-Free Dental Visit

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When you have twins, everything takes a little bit longer to plan and carry out, including routine medical and dental appointments. Wrangling two rambunctious two-year-olds plus their siblings does not make for a particularly relaxing experience anywhere. But the time had come for the twins to go to the dentist for the first time. So, after much research, I booked an appointment with Kids Teeth!

I had a lot of questions when I called Kids Teeth to make the appointment. Would the twins be able to stay together? (The twin bond is real.) How do they handle shy kids, like my little girl? Would I be able to stay with them the entire time? What should I do to best prepare them for the appointment?

Belinda, the New Patient Coordinator, answered all of my questions and put me completely at ease with her warmth and empathy. She even followed up our phone call with a complete checklist of how to best prepare for the appointment, including a link for all the paperwork to fill out in advance (which was key for me since I do not have enough hands for paperwork as I stop my toddlers from grabbing the pen to stick in each other’s nose).

We arrived a few minutes early for our appointment and were met at the door by the reception staff, who warmly greeted the twins and were completely unfazed by my daughter’s “stink eye face” that she makes upon meeting any new person.

The immaculate office felt relaxing and my five-year-old immediately remarked upon seeing the logo, “They came to my school last year and did a puppet show. We have the water bottle!”

We waited only a few moments before we were called back to the room where both twins would be seen. There is a tv on the ceiling for kids to watch while they’re laying back in the chair and lots of colorful prints on the walls. The lights are a warm glow, rather than a harsh fluorescent light, which is to put nervous kids at ease.

The hygienist discussed exactly what to expect from the visit with me and then calmly showed the twins each instrument that would be used. She also recommended a different product to use for teeth cleaning instead of the toothpaste that my older kids use since my little boy has a tendency to swallow toothpaste rather than brush his teeth with it!

When Dr. Mike came in, I laid my more outgoing twin, my little boy, on my lap with his head facing the doctor. Dr. Mike examined him and assured me that everything looked great and that we should expect a few more molars to come in over the next few months. He repeated the process with my little girl and we discussed their bottle habits, what they drink, and their dental routine.

As moms, I know that one of our biggest concerns with our kids’ healthcare is feeling like a number. We want to be seen and heard, and we want the time to ask all the questions we have, which is exactly the experience I had at Kids Teeth. Dr. Mike took as much time as I wanted to answer every question, didn’t rush out when the examination was done, and even spent a few moments chatting about our plans for Halloween.

The twins each received a dental bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and information about dental cleanings. I also made their follow-up appointment for six months from now. Later that day, I received an email follow-up to, again, give me the opportunity to ask any questions that I might have forgotten to ask during the appointment.

For this first visit especially, I wanted my twins to feel relaxed and to have positive associations with the dentist, which is exactly how we all felt after our visit with Dr. Mike and his staff. Even my reserved youngest daughter smiled and laughed at the staff as she left, waving “bye-bye,” and my little boy chuckled as he played with his new dental bag.

For those looking for a pediatric dentist that will take special care of your children’s health while also taking care of your feelings and concerns head over to Kids Teeth to receive exemplary care for your little ones!

Caring for Toddler Teeth

I learned a lot about my kids’ oral health during my visit at Kids Teeth. For instance, did you know that in the United States 1 in 4 children have at least one cavity by age four? Yikes!

National studies show that preschool-age children in the US are getting more cavities, so make sure to visit the dentist twice-per-year beginning by 12 months of age to prevent dental problems like cavities and tooth decay. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends taking your child to the pediatric dentist by 12 months of age or within six months of their first tooth erupting.

Dr. Will and Dr. Mike offered some helpful tips for toddler teeth:

  1. Start Small: Oral care can start before baby’s teeth even come in. Brushing your baby’s gums and budding teeth as soon as they are visible can reduce cavities and decay from forming early. Brushing teeth after nighttime feedings (using a wet cloth or burp rag to start) can help prevent the sugars in breastmilk and formula from sitting on baby’s teeth overnight.
  2. Basic Brushing: At first, you don’t have to hit the two-minutes two-times-per-day goal, just aim to clean the teeth as thoroughly as you can twice daily (don’t forget to floss and brush their tongue too). If your tot is squirmy making brushing difficult, laying them down on a changing table or on the floor may help make brushing easier. If little hands get in the way, wrap your little one in a towel to make brushing easier.
  3. High Fives: If your kiddo is ready to do it “all by myself!” then offer lots of high-fives and kudos on a job-well-done, BUT you should brush before or after to be sure brushing was done thoroughly.

To learn more about caring for your kids’ teeth, check out our recent feature here sharing tips and info for all the ages and stages of childhood oral health.

Connect with Kids Teeth

Dr. Will and Dr. Mike remind you NOT TO SKIP your dental appointment due to COVID-19. Here are five BIG reasons not to skip out on regular checkups due to the pandemic. Kids Teeth is taking additional precautions to keep patients and staff safe so you can keep up with your kids’ regular check-ups.

Now is the best time to schedule an appointment!

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