An Ode to My Body


An ode to my body

I’ve been thinking of how to write this post for months. It’s extremely difficult, as I’m sure my readers can imagine, to write about such an important, yet touchy, topic. The female body, our bodies, whether you’re a mother that has given birth, a mother to fur babies, or no babies at all. We’ve all faced some challenge with out bodies in one way or another. I write this post in hopes that it comes as comfort to all women. Having turned thirty in May, I felt that it was the perfect time to write something so meaningful to me. So with that being said, here is an Ode to My Body…


For years I have battled you, touched you and seen you,

Growing up was difficult to be blessed with so much so new.

I’ve stretched you, shrank you, and burned you inside and out,

And even after 30 years of ‘torture’ you still make me shout.

I shout when I move and feel everything coming as one,

I shout in happiness when I see that I’ve won.

I laugh at the ‘sparkle’ you overly produce,

And I cry at the thought of judgement and my misuse.

You stood your ground when I doused you in chemicals,

The strides in my changes have become quite a miracle.


Our love is like a marriage in a way,

We’re up and down, laughing and fighting, but you still can make my day.

I don’t know one person who hasn’t been in this relationship,

Thankful I’m not the only one who needs to get a grip. 

I never knew what you were capable of,

Over the past few years you have have shown me your true love.

I finally feel as if we are one and share a happiness that cannot be touched.

I put all my trust in you in ways some cannot believe,

You fought my bad ways and made me healthy enough to conceive.

You birthed my babies teaching me not to fear, 

And yet after all this time I finally hold you near and dear.

Of course there are things I will always want to change,

We are only humans with the need to rearrange.

Parts of you may be loose and never look the same,

But to think I’ve challenged you my whole life is quite lame.

I’ve discovered three new loves that never see a flaw in you,

These loves can only see whats true.


For now I will sit and appreciate all you’ve be through,

Because life can change daily and we certainly aren’t new.

I know others may not feel as lucky as me

But please know it takes something great to learn to just ‘be’

We all have this battle that we fight and do not comprehend

Just remember life it short, learn to make amends.

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Elizabeth resides on Johns Island with her husband and two daughters, Emma (3) and Rowen (baby). A native to South Carolina, originally from Hilton Head Island, she moved to Charleston in 2012 to be closer to family. The four of them love to travel (mostly to Puerto Rico where her husband works) and thrive on learning and educated themselves on any and all health issues. She loves teaching her daughters to garden, going to the beach, surfing and planning their next family adventure. Elizabeth is very naturally minded, having had a successful home birth with her most recent baby girl. In 2016 she went back to school to complete her certification in Holistic Nutrition for which she is very passionate about (she already has a BA in Public Relations from USC). She looks forward to working with other moms and families to help them with their health and nutrition needs.


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