Breast Cancer Awareness Events to Support


*This article was originally published in October 2015 and updated in October 2022.

Last October, I walked my first 5k in Charleston to support breast cancer awareness. I walked with a great group of girls in honor of my friend’s mom who had passed away from breast cancer. Sadly, last spring, that same friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. It was a very scary time for my friend and her family, especially knowing her family history.

However, she had an amazing support system, and I was in awe of how she was able to communicate her emotions and ask for help when she needed it. She kept an online journal that shared how she was feeling emotionally and physically. Sharing her journey with friends and family allowed us to offer help in various ways. We were able to provide fresh fruits and veggies while she was juicing, help with cleaning services while she was going through chemo, and just simply come over to hang out and watch a movie to keep her distracted!

She successfully completed chemo (Yay!) and is moving towards a double mastectomy, radiation, and full reconstructive surgery in the next couple of months. In her journey, I have learned so much about cancer, and I have been inspired by how courageous and open she has been in sharing her story.

Events to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Charleston:

  • Tervis Tumbler will donate 10% of proceeds from pink ribbon sales to breast cancer research this month. Visit our local Tervis Retail Store at 179 Church Street.


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