A Busy Mama Workout


Hey, I get it.  I’ve had three kids and am well into my thirties. I’m settled into my wonderful adult life, and for the most part, content with my physical appearance…although overall less wrinkles and lumps would be preferable.

However, picking at left over chicken-nuggets doesn’t constitute healthy meals, and chasing toddlers somehow doesn’t burn as many calories as you’d think. It’s time for a plan to get in shape (maybe I’ll finally be able to catch said toddler!), eat healthier, and feel better about myself. Plus, with a history of weight struggles, it won’t hurt for my kids to see me being active on a regular basis.

A Mom With a Plan

Ain’t nobody got time for hitting the gym for two hours every single day. Let’s face it, us mamas are just trying to keep it all together. We need a quick and easy mama workout that we can do in our pajamas. In the kitchen. With kids running through our legs.

I don’t know about you, but searching for a workout with this criteria makes my head spin (there are SO many workouts), and makes me feel terrible (pictures of what I could look like if I did that workout five times a day and ate only celery).

So, I came up with a quick and easy workout plan that I can do at home, even when the kids are running around. In fact, I did this whole plan yesterday, and my two-year-old sat on (sit-ups) and under (plank/pushups) me for most of the workout. And let’s face it, it’s adorable watching a two-year-old attempt to do jumping jacks.

I throw on some Kidz Bop or Toddler Tunes on my Spotify, which makes my kiddos happy, and has upbeat enough music for me to move to. Even though I’m just in my house, I make sure I wear my sneakers, so I don’t upset my Plantar Fasciitis. Other than that, I just try to have fun.

I count out loud and get my toddlers to help. My four-year-old likes sitting at my feet and giving me kisses as I do my sit-ups. And while I plank, my seven-year-old keeps me motivated and distracted with her jabbering (30 seconds is no big deal when listening to one of her stories!). In between circuits, I’m boiling water, checking on dinner and potty training.For the most part, I've settled into my grown-up body...although I could do without some of the wrinkles and bumps. Here's a peek at my busy mama workout. #exercise #momworkout #circuittraining Easy peasy! On days when I just want to have fun with my kids and not even do a circuit, I simply put YouTube on the TV (heavily monitored, obviously) and search for “Wii Dance Kids”. The “Kids” part is important because it ensures that the videos that pop up are appropriate. Then I dance with my kids (who don’t judge my dancing skills!).

And let me tell you, “Five Little Monkeys” seems like just a silly toddler song…but it is a whole lot of cardio and jumping! If you do several songs right in a row…guaranteed major calorie burn!

But, the important thing is that I’m making the time to move…and spending time with my kids too. Hopefully I’m teaching them that an active lifestyle will make us all feel better!

How do you fit exercise in your life?