Chiropractic Care for Kids


Our family receives chiropractic care regularly as a part of our everyday wellness.   We have a fantastic family plan that allows everyone in our family to get care as often as we wish.  We usually go weekly.  This includes the kids.  A lot of the time I am asked, “Do the kids get adjusted? ”  My answer is always a big huge, “YES!”

Getting my kids checked, adjusted, and cleared is so important to me.  They need every chance to thrive in their daily lives, and I believe Chiro care allows that.  The nervous system controls EVERYTHING in your body.  The body can get out of alignment in everyday activities, so it needs to be cleared to worked properly.  Kids do A LOT to get out of alignment; fall down, sleep funny, you name it.  They are also learning and growing, and they NEED their nervous system to work in the best way possible.


My 1 day old baby getting adjusted
My one-day-old baby getting adjusted

Chiro care allows my kids to perform at their best every day.

Our chiropractor is the first place we go (on top of going regularly for general wellness) when the kids fall or have sniffles and it helps.  We have few sick days and less down time when we do catch something.  My 4 year old says she needs to go to the doctor if she’s sick, and she means Dr. Dawn, our chiro.

Research it, look into it.  It’s so beneficial and necessary.   My kids love it and so do we.  Fewer sick days and healthy kiddos.  (and parents)

Good Resources:

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Prime Chiropractic:  We chose our name, PRIME CHIROPRACTIC, because we wanted our name to reflect all the POWER, VITALITY AND CHARGE that frequent chiropractic care can offer our community.

What are your experiences with chiropractic care?  How has it impacted your and your family’s lifestyle and quality of life?