Dear Mom Pooch


Hey, mom pooch. I know. We don’t talk too often, but I think it’s time we have a little chat.

Over the last few years, we’ve built what I like to think is a love-hate relationship. One moment we’re working together and in sync. The next…not so much.

I feel you have a really bad habit of getting in the way at the most inconvenient of times. Like that time I wore my cute dress out for brunch with some friends and they thought I was three months pregnant? Or that time my son pushed on my belly and called it squishy? Or my favorite, whenever I sit down and you do that weird muffin top thing?

Those weren’t good times mom pooch.

And although I’ve made some efforts to get you back toned and in shape, it just seems that you want to stick around for a while. But mom pooch, it’s been a few years and I think we need to squash this love-hate relationship we have going on.

I’ve grown to embrace this odd bond we have. You represent a journey that will forever stay in my heart. You housed the space for my son and kept him safe for all of nine months. Not to mention, you’ve endured some changes as well.

You went from this cute little flat tummy with a flashy belly ring to wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin that sags. You endured being kicked and punched from the inside and stretching out as far as you can on the outside. I get your frustration as well and I apologize for not really seeing things from your view.

And to be honest, I feel a tad guilty for trying to hide you.

I can admit I was a bit selfish. At one point all I wanted to do was show you off. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this naked belly as you grew rounder and larger to make room for my son. I would even allow others to place their hand on you in admiration.

And what I do to repay you? I’ve stuffed you into some shapewear and pulled my mom jeans over you. I refuse to wear a bikini without a tunic over me, and I even took out the flashy belly ring you loved so much. And when I was really upset…I neglected to give you carbs!

Mom pooch, I haven’t been fair to you.

I once viewed you as this thing that took over my body and wouldn’t go away when instead I should have loved you for being a part of my journey into motherhood.

Society has taught me to hide you and try a plethora of belly exercises to reduce the extra sag you come with. But, let me be the bigger person and say this…I don’t want to fight anymore. Summer is upon us and let’s just face it, you aren’t going anywhere. I don’t feel like doing the crunches and other exercises, and I love french fries way too much to withhold them from you.

So mom pooch, let’s give this another shot. Let’s rebuild our relationship so that we can love one another. Let’s embrace where we’re at in our journey today. Let’s be one. We’re in this together!