Grocery Shopping Redefined: My Experience with Heartland Foods

This post is sponsored by Heartland Foods, however, all opinions expressed are our own.

Just the other day I was listening to a timely podcast titled The Lazy Genius Guide to Grocery Shopping. I call it timely because as of late I have grown to loathe grocery shopping. I honestly don’t want to meal plan, shop, prepare or cook food, but I have no choice as I have hungry mouths to feed The gist of the podcast was to name what matters most in your grocery shopping experience, whether it be cost, convenience, organic options, efficiency, etc. I thought this was fantastic advice, but of course, I wanted to check all the boxes for what mattered most!

Conveniently, I was scheduled to have a free consultation with Heartland Foods just a few days later. I was excited to hear what they had to offer and I can honestly say that after meeting with their wellness consultant, I can check more than a few grocery shopping boxes off with their services. If you’re like me and you’re desiring convenience and/or nutrition while staying within your grocery budget,I suggest you check out Heartland Foods. Here are my top five reasons you should explore Heartland Foods as a grocery option:

5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Heartland Foods

  1. Simple and Comfortable In-Home Demo

The initial step with Heartland involves you (and your spouse if you are married) sitting down with a wellness consultant and learning all about the food that Heartland Foods provides. My wellness consultant was Anthony and he brought and prepared a filet mignon, hamburger patty, lemon pepper chicken breast and green beans for me to try. He showed me how the single portions defrost in water in ten minutes and then proceeded to cook and serve the food while informing me of all Heartland is and does as a company. It was very comfortable and never felt sales-like or pushy. And as a side note, the food was prepared with just olive oil and salt and the taste was amazing!

2. Informative Dialogue

With over 81 years of experience, this company knows what they are doing and they know the meat industry. I learned some pretty discomforting things about the meat that I currently consume (even though I make an effort to buy well-sourced meat). But what I mainly learned was the relationships they have with quality farms in the U.S. and how healthy, clean, and humane these farms are. I was able to ask as many questions as I needed to understand the difference between what Heartland has to offer versus what I am currently consuming and providing for my family. One note, in particular, that was in the 81 years of business they haven’t had a single recall on their meat. Their food is trustworthy and free of all the yucky stuff.

3. Potential to Change the Way You Grocery Shop

When we got down to the nitty-gritty of how their delivery service works, I could see some serious potential for adding convenience to our meals without sacrificing quality or cost. They deliver bulk quantities of single-serve frozen meat and vegetable portions that are all vacuum sealed in BPA-free recyclable plastic. These servings are easily and quickly defrosted leading to simple prep for any type of meal. What got me most excited was the potential to meal plan around items I already have stocked without having to shop sales each week, worry about food waste, or encounter decision fatigue with what to make for dinner. For a person in a dinner rut, a crazy season of life, or looking for a change, Heartland Foods seems like a good option to check out.

4. Customizable

The number of food items available is unreal – 2500 to be exact. And while there are varying costs for the type and amount of food you buy, it’s a pretty simple process they have for determining a grocery order. The number of days a week you cook plus your typical meat and vegetable consumption is put into their system which comes up with a monthly amount of food. Depending on that number, you can add, take away and change anything to make the food fit into your budget. The consultant is there to make sure you don’t under or overbuy while taking the overwhelm out of grocery shopping.

5. Added Perks

There’s nothing better than perks, and Heartland offers warehouse-size household goods that are included with the cost of your food. I almost couldn’t believe that my household list was included with the grocery cost. I could see that my budget was going to be just fine and I was stoked to know that these items would also be delivered with the food order.

As a mom, I’m looking for a change in this season of life – simple meals that don’t take away from the nutrition I want to provide for my busy family. Heartland Foods may just be one major piece to the puzzle of simplifying. It may be for you too!

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Courtney is a Charleston native who, after graduating Clemson, moved to Chicago to compete a one-year dietetics internship. That one-year program turned into a decade long stint in the Windy City where Courtney worked for a variety of health businesses. While in Chicago, Courtney met her husband and had three kids, living an adventure of having kids in the city. At the end of 2015, she returned home and launched her own private nutrition practice on Daniel Island. Courtney loves to help people find simple ways to heal and thrive through the food they eat. She is a thankful for the beauty – and the food – that the Lowcountry has to offer!