MAY the Music Move Your Body (A Full Body Song Challenge)


Let’s face it, staying motivated to be active in a consistent routine is difficult. Most of the time, the number one excuse is not having enough time to do it. Luckily, we’ve been given a little extra of that lately.

So what else keeps us from being consistently active? Maybe it’s the fact that you haven’t found what lights your heart on fire. Working out can become repetitive, dull, and sometimes boring. Have no fear! We’re here to help.

Let this full-body song challenge inspire you! By no means will this Month of May fitness challenge give you that desired “summer bod” (defined differently for everyone). But, maybe, committing to five minutes a day for four weeks will be the motivational push you need to jump into a new workout routine that you can stick with.

*Click on the image above for the pdf so you can print and follow along! 

Here’s a guide for what to expect with each day of the challenge.


We’ll be thanking Shine Dance Fitness for this glorious burn. Grab a mat or folded towel for comfort and follow along with THIS VIDEO to complete this sweat starting challenge.


Done to the song Roxanne by The Police this one can get fun. First, decide which kind of push-up you’re going to do; regular, wide, or triceps, or maybe you’re going to get real wild and try to incorporate all three. Assume your push-up position and start your song. Every time “Roxanne” is sung, do a push-up. Challenge yourself by starting on your toes and drop to your knees after you absolutely cannot push yourself back up when on your toes.


Another great move for its variations. This one will be done to the tune Thunderstruck by AC/DC. When you hear “thunder” do your burpee. You can step or hop back into your plank, throw in the challenge of a push-up at the bottom and really make yourself work with the jump at the top. Remember, this is what feels good and challenges YOU so work it to your liking. Go ahead and have some fun with it while you wait for the burpee verse by staying light on your toes and giving it your own style.


To the beat of the song Cupid Shuffle by Cupid (hello every wedding reception since 2007), you will work the same pattern of moves into a plank. Get into your plank, back flat like a table, belly button to spine, hands under your shoulders. To the beat of the song, starting with your right foot do 4 side taps, repeat 4 with the left leg, 4 alternating leg lifts right and left, and finish with 8 mountain climbers. Repeat through the song. If you’re sticking with the beat it should line up with the side taps during “to the right. . .to the left,”  the leg lifts during “now kick, now kick,” and mountain climbers during “walk it by yourself.”


One of my favorites! Turn on Flower by Moby and get yourself ready for the burn. Simple directions here, each down “bring Sally down” is sung squat and stay down until you hear “bring Sally up.” For an extra challenge, you can do squat pulses in between those two sets of lyrics. This can be mixed up in variation, as well, since you can do narrow squats, regular squats, or wide sumo squats. Just be mindful to keep your knees behind your toes, chest up, and treat every squat like you are sitting in a chair.


Ever heard of Cosmic Kids Yoga? It’s storytime yoga with beginner moves and lots of fun for the whole family. This is an opportunity to choose to your liking and have the kids jump in (if they haven’t been joining you already). There are endless themes like Frozen and Trolls or more simple and shorter videos. Not to your fancy? YouTube offers many free yoga videos to help your body get what it needs. Just make sure you take advantage of the Saturday stretch days.

Looking for accountability? I’ll be participating in each day and posting it to my Instagram stories. You can follow along with me at @guenin4life

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Brittanee Guenin
Brittanee is originally from the Midwest and is a Navy wife married to her high school sweetheart. They have two beautiful girls, a Golden Retriever, and an English Bulldog. She earned her Bachelor of Sciences in Family Studies and has a heart and passion for working with kids. Brittanee minored in art and gets crafty whenever she has the time, whether it be through painting or DIY projects or with her new found joy in baking. She loves the outdoors but can crush a show on Netflix. Working out is part of her daily life, but nothing beats the love she has for spending time with her family.


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