5 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Valentine’s Day


Will you be my Valentine? That may not be what you expect to hear this February 14th, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be your own admirer. On a day dedicated to the commercialization of showing love and appreciation to a significant other, it’s easy to overlook the one who needs it the most—YOU!

Let’s be honest, in your supermom ability to literally complete twelve tasks at once, you easily overlook yourself and your needs. This selfless lifestyle is based on love (and at times necessity) and I get it, we’ve all been there. But all work and no play is no way for moms to live.

My solution? This Valentine’s Day, decide to put yourself first.

Take a personal day and do anything you what you want to do. Let me be clear, this is not a free day to finish laundry, clean out the hall closet or do one of the other thousand tasks on your to-do list. Nope. This personal day, from all work and responsibilities, is for you to be good to you! All day. And if by some chance you need a little inspiration figuring out how to show yourself some much-needed self-love, check out the top five recommendations I’ve listed below.

1. Get out of Town!

If you haven’t heard of the All Trails app, do yourself a favor and download it. Based on your location, the app provides you with easy, moderate and difficult hikes according to your experience and willingness to safely challenge yourself. The app has reviews, details of the terrain, and plenty of photos from every trail and hike listed.

Being outdoors is sure to give you a fresh perspective on life and adventure; most importantly, you’ll finally be able to hear yourself think. You’ll most likely be out of cell phone range so if you’re uncomfortable, take your pet or a close friend and let the outdoors give you peace of mind–and a workout to remember.

If you’re not much into the outdoors but would still like an adventure the next idea is absolutely for you.

2. Try Something New!

Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to do? Just about every city offers a variety of adult fun from belly dancing and pottery to escape rooms and rock climbing. Your options are seemingly endless, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have thousands of discounted activities you can do anytime.

So don’t even think about feeling guilty. You’re always encouraging your littles to try something new and now is the time to take your own advice. Do something you’ve never done before and have fun doing it.

3. Go on a Date!

If you’d rather use your personal ‘snow day’ to relax a bit, you can start by taking yourself on a nice lunch date. That’s right. Put on your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup—go all out. After all, you are dining at your favorite restaurant and nothing on the menu is off limits.

The goal here is to enjoy a nice meal without needing to entertain a significant other or worry that your kids are torturing the babysitter. Take your time, enjoy your meal AND have dessert. This date is all about you. Keep in mind this option could be tricky to do on Valentine’s Day, so plan accordingly. Other than that, enjoy your lunch date mom, you deserve it.

4. Host a Sleepover!

One of the more challenging ideas is to host a Gal-entine’s Day slumber party. Invite your girls (and their kids) to your place for a fun night of food, family and lots of love.

Either A) The kids and adults will separate and both groups can enjoy themselves with occasional interruptions, or B) You and the other moms will take turns occupying kids and adults at the same time. Either way, this is a really fun idea if you’re up for the challenge of a house full of people and the mess that comes with it.

Be prepared with an assortment of snacks, games, movies, and activities. This night will have its challenges, but if all goes well, you and your friends can eat junk food, gossip and binge watch your favorite shows without anyone’s child getting hurt. Here’s hoping!

5. Spa Day

The more obvious solution for a day of self-love is to pamper your mind and body with a spa day. While mani/pedis are nice, nothing beats a 90-minute full body massage. You can make an appointment or simply walk into a nearby salon and purchase a day pass. Don’t be caught off guard by any prices, so do your research prior to arrival and get ready for a day of absolute relaxation.

Day spas are a wonderful choice because they are designed for relaxation and restoration. The majority of them also have restaurants so you don’t have to leave until you’re ready to go. What could be better?

There you have it! My five suggestions on how moms can practice self-love this Valentine’s Day. These options may not be anything close to how you would prefer to spend your day and that’s completely fine. But I want to remind all moms that your happiness, self-fulfillment, and desires should not come last.

It’s okay to make some time for yourself. Being a mom is the most challenging job anyone could ever have so show yourself appreciation this Valentine’s Day.

About the Author

Jennifer’s motto has always been to “Love Big, and Live Big!” With more than 20 years in the dating industry, Certified Matchmaker, Relationship & Dating Expert, Jennifer J. Hayes, has the passion and dedication to helping her clients find love that lasts. She is the director of South Carolina Matchmakers, an elite matchmaking firm where she ensures her clients have all of the knowledge and assets to sustain a passionate, meaningful relationship for a lifetime. Throughout her journey as a wife and a mother, Jennifer has learned what it takes to balance it all. She is never one to skimp in an area of her life, and knows that if you want it all, you have to commit it all!