When You Seriously Miss YOUR OBGYN


Our second son arrived over two months ago and completed our family of four. We are so happy and blessed and sure that there will be no more babies in this household. No more pregnancies. Done and done. 🙂

My postpartum appointments have concluded, and there is now something missing. A hole of sorts. SomeONE is missing, to be exact. It’s my OBGYN.

I HAVE THE BEST DOCTOR of the lady parts, and I officially miss her. To think that I won’t see her again for almost a year is…well…sad. Am I alone in this? Please tell me I am not.

Does anyone else want to be best friends with their OBGYN?

Le sigh.


Such is life. Seasons change, and life goes on. I just wonder, does she feel a special connection to me as well? Will she miss me and all my craziness? Does she randomly think of me, like I of her? OR did she high five her nurse as I walked out the door at my six week follow-up (after our long, meaningful embrace)? Your guess is as good as mine! My guess is that she will miss me, too.

Either way, here are the top 5 reasons I seriously miss my OBGYN…

1. She knows me better than most

Maybe more than anyone? I mean, she has taken my two precious babies out of body via c-section. That’s some serious knowing, if you know what I mean.

More than that, she knows when I’m anxious, when I have questions (but I’m holding back), and when I am at my limit of information overload. She gives me the medical jargon and studies when needed, but the “friend” jargon when needed as well. Which leads me to my next point…

2. She gets me

One would think that’s the same as knowing me, but one would be mistaken. She gets my humor, my intent, and my worries. She has been there from start to finish with two pregnancy losses and two successful, but not carefree, pregnancies. She sees a look in my eye and knows what I need. She gets me.

3. She’s been part of my routine for five years

The number is 60ish. The hubs and I have had approximately 60 appointments with my OBGYN since my first pregnancy in 2011. I have not seen my best friends or the majority of my family 60 times in five years!

She has been with us through a miscarriage and subsequent D&C, an ectopic pregnancy and two doses of methotrexate, and two pregnancies including one with a singular umbilical artery and the other with gestational diabetes and eight weeks of shingles. Phew. Did I mention we are done with babies?!

4. She listens

She remembers my kids’ names, asks me about work (and for my professional opinion on topics related to her children), and laughs at my husband’s questionably funny jokes (sorry, babe!).

5. She’s a member of our family!

I like her more than many members of my family (HA!), but I can’t text her or catch up with her on a whim. I cherish her as a doctor and a human being. She has been with us through joy and pain; tragedies and miracles. Miracles that would not have been without HER.

Being an OBGYN, and at the caliber of mine, is a true GIFT…not a profession. She did not choose that profession, I truly believe it chose her. We thank God everyday that she is my OBGYN.

So, no restraining order is needed. Promise. But for real, I seriously miss my OBGYN.

Anyone with me? Do you wish you could invite your OBGYN to all of your family events? Please, tell me I am not alone!


  1. I feel the EXACT same way!!! I’m TTC baby #2 and can’t wait to get pregnant so I can start seeing her again haha! Makes me wonder if we have the same OB because I don’t think anyone else in Charleston could be as good as her! 🙂

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