25 Days of Kindness Challenge (Plus a FREE Printable!)


There is something about the holidays that sparks this inner kindness within us. I am that person that when the holidays come around, I want to constantly give to others. I think it is something about being in the “giving season” that makes us want to do more and I love it!

However, I am willing to bet you are reading this while also having 1,852 other thoughts going through your mind. The holidays are amazing, but we are also constantly running around, doing all the things and we hardly ever stop for a breather.

I know that every momma reading this wants to do good, be good, and spread kindness, I am giving you a Charleston Moms Acts of Kindness Challenge Calendar so you have ideas on things to do this month. You can share it with others and challenge yourself to work through the calendar. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @thecharlestonmoms so we can share your pictures!

Below you’ll find an image of the kindness calendar. Click on the image or link underneath the image to open a printable pdf. Don’t have a printer? Pull it up on your phone and enjoy! 

>>> Acts of Kindness Calendar  | FREE Printable <<<


  • Save it to your phone and put it in an album or favorite it so it is easy to find.
  • Print it out and put it on your refrigerator so you see it every day. I am willing to bet that your family seeing it will also help you work on it.
  • Tell your kids about it and ask them to help.
  • Check off the boxes when you do it. It is super satisfying to check off a box knowing you accomplished something.
  • Post on social media and tag @charlestonmoms & @farindoran when you complete a kindness box so we can shout you out! Kindness is contagious. Let’s inspire everyone!

Below is a picture for your Instagram stories that you can use to post and also tag two friends to share in the kindness challenge. Check off a box and proudly post. These acts of kindness, especially in the year we are in right now, will do so much for others around you. There is never too much kindness. Let’s throw it out like confetti!

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” – Henry James