6 Habits I’ll Be Keeping After COVID


With things finally starting to feel a little more like normal in 2021, I started thinking about the last year and everything we have all collectively gone through. COVID-19 took a lot from us, and although I am so happy to be able to do some things again, like traveling, seeing family in person, and going out to our favorite restaurants again, there are other habits I’ve picked up that I will most likely keep for a long time after this is all over.

6 habits I’ll be keeping after COVID

  1. Delivery services. I know this is something that existed before quarantine started but a lot more of my favorite local restaurants and stores started doing delivery when things were shut down to the public. I love going out to them, but some days I don’t have it in me to do a grocery run. And sometimes my kids don’t have it in them to sit patiently at a restaurant and wait for their food. Having things delivered straight to our house lets us support local favorites, and allows my kids to jump off the walls without disturbing anyone besides me and my husband.
  2. Family Movie Nights. Do you know how hard it is to go out to see a new movie as a parent of young kids? I think the last time I was at the movie theater was four years ago. But, with more services offering streaming movies that are still in theaters right now it made it so easy just to make some popcorn and enjoy a movie together on our couch. I saw more new movies this year than I had in all my years of being a mom. A big plus to this- we can pause the movie to go to the bathroom or get more snacks.
  3. Wearing a mask on public transportation. I don’t know about you guys but any time I travel on a plane I feel sick with the sniffles or a sore throat for at least a day or two after. Why did I never think it was a good idea to wear a mask before? I’ve seen other people doing it, and never thought anything of it. Now, I think they’re geniuses and I will be wearing a mask during all my public transport rides in the future.
  4. Outdoor Vacations/day trips. Do you know what makes you feel great? Being outside more! I love that National Parks and campgrounds saw an increase in visitors over the last year and I hope it keeps up. We plan on hiking our local trails and visiting more of the National Parks with the family for our next vacations.
  5. Zoom family/friends happy hours. Being a mom can make it hard to meet up with your friends or family for a fun night out. We found out this year that we don’t actually have to go out to see each other and have fun though. Calling your friends in your pj’s with your favorite cocktail and snacks for a viewing party can be great! And your kids Facetiming with grandparents can lead to some funny memorable conversations between them. Living so far away from our extended family, this is a habit I definitely want to keep up.
  6. Virtual Doctors Visits. If my doctor keeps providing them, I would love to do a virtual visit for the less serious things I usually have to go in for. They have been so nice to just be able to call or video chat with a nurse or doctor, show or tell them whatever symptoms are happening, and having them prescribe something quickly. An appointment that would usually be an hour with driving and waiting room time has been cut down to ten minutes and it’s wonderful.

I know we all gave up a lot in the last year, and a lot of people want to rush back to normal as quickly as possible, but I think we should look back and realize that with all the craziness, there was some good that came out of it too.