6 Ways To Make Chores More Enjoyable


For some parents, getting their kids to participate in home cleaning or other household chores may not be an issue – but for the vast majority, it definitely is! Household chores are, in fact, often regarded as tedious and boring. They’re viewed by kids as obligations they have to comply with before they’re allowed to do something fun, like playing in the park or watching TV. Some moms even schedule these tasks to create a routine with their kids.

So the question now is; how do we make the chores more enjoyable for the kids? Here are six ways I’ve gathered to help you make your kids excited (and willing) to do their household chores.

6 ways to make chores more enjoyable

  • Ask them what they think. According to Psychology Today, you have to feel that you have shared some of your ideas in what you’re doing to feel engaged. This principle applies to kids, too. So, if it’s their task to put up decorations for a party, ask them what they think would look great. Ask them if it’s nice to make a banner or just little signs, hand streamers, or set up balloons all over. If they need to help out in the garden, ask them what vegetables they want to grow. If they need to help prepare their outing snack-packer, ask them if they want bananas or apples.
  • Add some exciting add-ons! According to House Method, a simple add-on can really make a difference in how kids will enjoy the task. For example, if the task is to clean up their toys, add some fun music while they tidy up. If they have to clean the windows, add a step ladder. If they have to write thank you cards, give them stickers or stampers after. You see, kids love to move their bodies and feel independent. These add-ons can simply reinforce these innate traits in them. They get the job done, plus, they enjoy the time they spent doing it.
  • Rotate tasks weekly. Kids can feel disengaged or bored when they do the same thing over and over again. So, to maintain the momentum and to keep them moving, make a rotating chart that will help them do different tasks every week. For this week, they might be setting the table. Next week, let them clear it, or sweep the floor after dinner. Just remember to be creative in rotating these tasks.
  • Do the tasks with them. According to Psychology Today blog on Joyful Parenting, tasks which are done with parents can improve the attachment and bond between the kids and their parents. Aside from that, these tasks can also have a deeper meaning for both. Have them wash the car with you, or have them go grocery shopping with you. These activities can be fun for children, but they can also teach valuable lessons and bolster your relationships.
  • Give them ownership for what they’re doing. Kids love to feel independent and in control. When you’re assigning them tasks; keep them in charge. You can ask them to greet party visitors, or you can ask them to check the daily weather and inform their younger siblings if they have to wear jackets or wear lighter clothing. These will reinforce their sense of responsibility and make them a bit more “into the job.”
  • Thank them and reinforce positive behavior. Just like us, kids would love to be appreciated and thanked. No matter how simple the task is, thank them and tell them they did great. Not only will they feel that they’ve accomplished something great, but they’ll also be able to carry this behavior as they get older.

Most of the time, making chores fun only needs a little creativity and a whole lot of love, care, and thoughtfulness in putting all these little plans together!

About The Author

My name is Delilah Farrell and I’m a proud mother of three. I love to write about parenting because we’ve all been a “panicked parent” at some point. I write in hopes to help those that may need some advice!