A Few Time (And Sanity) Saving Tips to Make Housework Easy


I am all about finding easy solutions to rather annoying and unrelenting chores that occur in my life. Do household tasks really have to be this painful? Not if you can hit the easy button to simplify, even just a bit.

A Few Time (And Sanity) Saving Tips to Make Housework Easy

The Tasks in Question

In my life, I am talking about cleaning toilets, preparing dinner (not in that order), and doing laundry (and then actually putting it away). A few years ago, I found myself pregnant (very pregnant) with an almost two-year-old…and I was taking off days from work so that I could clean my house.

Cleaning House

I wanted to preserve what little precious time I had with my little family on the weekends. One day while scrubbing away in the shower, a light bulb went off (or I pitched a fit) and said I am hiring a cleaning lady.

That was my easy button.

I decided I would give up a number of other things to make this happen in our house. The price could not compare to the sanity this would restore. So we welcomed our cleaning lady into our lives and it was a total game changer!

Meal Prep and Cooking

A few months ago, I fell into a cooking rut. It was a chore and I lost interest in planning and prepping meals every week. My goal was to provide healthy “reasonable” meals for my family while again, maintaining my sanity.

After a day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I decided to check out one of the many meal-prep companies that deliver food to your home. Again, it was a game changer. Cooking is now a delight once again.

This easy button also has allowed us to try different foods and recipes, an added bonus!


For the last few weeks, I have lamented over my laundry…another “have to.” I thought for a second about trying to hire someone to come in and do our laundry, but then thought better of it. Instead I came up with a new plan.

My girls, ages five and seven, asked for more chores around the house, including how to do basic laundry. What better time than now?! We covered the basics (colors, whites and darks; hot versus cold; the importance of detergent and fabric softener). I brought in a stool so they can adequately reach the washer.

Another easy button!

While I am certain these first few weeks will take some figuring out, I can see a future where these little ladies rule the laundry room (oops am I dreaming again?)

A Few Time (And Sanity) Saving Tips to Make Housework Easy

My last easy button of the week was going to Target and purchasing four new laundry baskets. Now each of my family members has their own laundry basket for clean clothes and they can each put their own clothes away!

Could it be, yet another easy button?!

A Few Time (And Sanity) Saving Tips to Make Housework Easy

My challenge to you is to look at your own chaos and find your easy button. How can you simplify things so that everyday household chores are not so time-consuming? With these few changes I’ve made, I have found that easy is definitely better!


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