Artscape Your Home with Bibelot

This post is sponsored by Bibelot, however, all opinions expressed are our own.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

-Pablo Picasso

Have you been to Bibelot in Mount Pleasant? Walking through the showrooms at Bibelot you’ll be dizzy with the limitless and thrilling possibilities found through the textiles, rare objects, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. It is a culturally rich and visually arresting destination bursting with inspiration and history. Inspired by beautiful objects, luxurious textures, rich patinas, and antiques all with a story just waiting for guests to re-imagine as unique decor in their home.

A Lesson on Artscaping

The collection at Bibelot is inspired by the power of human creativity and expertise in each and every item. Things just feel special. It is that feeling that draws shop owner Helen to add to the curated collection at Bibelot. “I would be hard-pressed to say what is and is not art in the store,” says Helen. “The landscape of what constitutes art is more diverse than ever. There is no judgment. Finding a piece of art that speaks to you is the perfect touch to a room. Suddenly you think, ‘where have you been all my life?'”

It may be the exquisite color, craftsmanship, or imaginative design that attracts you to certain pieces. It may be the period, history, artist, style, or even size that speaks to you. Just go with your feelings to add a unique twist, a “wow factor,” or story to any room in your home.

Artscaping your home at Bibelot starts with adding a fresh interpretation of old-world objects, storied furniture, or rare textiles into your decor. Simply by adding a piece into your home with your own special things it becomes something wholly original because you put your individual spin on it.

Artscape Inspiration

Are you a nature lover at heart? If so, the beauty of the raw materials and craftsmanship found in this wooden Quan Yin would look great on your walls! The organic materials, form, and color bring nature and history indoors.

Starting to decorate your home from the ground up? Consider a completely unique rug to put some “wow” beneath your feet. Textiles filled with color, pattern, and texture add a pop to any room and can serve as major decor inspiration. Check out other rugs and textiles available online such as this vintage suzani, which looks great hung on a wall, draped over furniture or hung above a door frame.

If you have an empty shelf, table, or space in a display cabinet, this fine porcelain chinoiserie and rose medallion jar from the 1930s has an exquisite color combination and unparalleled attention to detail sure to spark interest.

Art is available in a diverse range of mediums. Take, for instance, this teak Balinese Grist that used to ground flour in the early 1900s in Bali. This would make an incredible statement piece on a wall or even a unique coffee table.

At Bibelot, you’ll find many paintings that look like they could have been created by masters from the 19th century and also celebrated contemporary artists. Upgrade your walls and fill the spaces with interest and style. Browse the collections in-store or online.

Something to Smile About

Art doesn’t have to be serious. Add whimsy and quirk to the corners of your home with pieces that make you smile!

A hand-painted children’s ice cream cart can be used as playful decor or for pretend play. When it’s not being used to hand out imagined soft-serve, it can rest happily in a playroom.

Channel your inner child when you come across playful pieces like this metalwork pooch or this English Campaign Drum used in real military battles depicted on the drum! When it comes to your home’s decor and the feelings it communicates, don’t tread a conventional path. “There is an allure of mischief that comes from searching for something that feeds the soul,” says Helen of Bibelot.

Be encouraged to be gleefully unorthodox and surround yourself with one of a kind pieces curated in a modern, unexpected way. The end result will be effortlessly chic rooms that are sure to turn heads.

And remember, at the end of the day “art is not a thing, it is a way” – Elbert Hubbard

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