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Psst! Have you heard about Bibelot? Repeat after me: bib-el-oh. Mount Pleasant’s most eclectic home design store holds thousands of storied treasures waiting for you to explore. Sitting within the shockingly bright building are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces curated in a modern, unexpected way that will give your home those special touches with a story to tell. It’s time to bring timeless treasures into everyday life! Let Helen, Bibelot’s owner, and design expert, show you how to add drama, whimsy, and style to your space. 

Meet Helen

Helen Rutledge, owner of Bibelot, Mt. Pleasant

Helen Rutledge said she always knew she wanted to be in the design field. When the opportunity arose to purchase the eclectic, one-of-a-kind business, which is now Bibelot, the Alabama native said, “I have been looking for this all my life. Everything has led me to this point.” 

Helen’s love for fashion drew her to New York where she worked for renowned fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg before exploring her passion for cooking. After working as a chef in several restaurants in New York City, her journey led her to Charleston where she worked as a marketing and public relations professional for a restaurant company. But her heart was in art. She grew as the Development Director for the Historic Charleston Foundation and started the Charleston International Antiques Show.

Her mission with Bibelot is to recast old school antiques as a desirable, stylish, and contemporary proposition. She is sharing with us just how to punctuate your home’s interior using her signature approach to interior design.

Let’s Begin

Helen recommends adding whimsical touches to soften the drama of European antiques. Create a statement wall that showcases found objects, family heirlooms and art that by themselves have little impact but together make every piece shine. The goal is still effortlessly chic rooms that are sure to turn heads. At the end of the day, nothing can bring serenity to your home more than an organized, clean space. So, her first suggestion before you begin is to get rid of the clutter!

And with that, let us begin…

Create eye-catching walls  

The Bibelot shop in Mount Pleasant

Wallpaper the top ⅓ of your room to draw your eye upward; not to mention it’s a great cost saver! Paint the ceiling and allow the room to stretch to the sky. Think Southern porches…Every item in your garden will pop against a splash of color.

Take, for example, the store itself. The pink walls are vibrant and funky, but don’t you love it? 

Rugs rugs rugs! 

Helen raves about the impact rugs and other textiles can make. Punch up your space with a pop of color beneath your feet. Browse Bibelot’s selection of one-of-a-kind rugs, pillowcases and other textiles here

This bold green Moroccan rug brings a playful touch to the drama of this formal 1850’s English Barroom. 

Timeless Touches 

An authentic piece is something you never tire of. Helen recommends juxtaposing different styles and textures into one vignette mixing salvaged items, global textiles, and fine antiques into one look.  

Looking for a classic piece to bring sophistication and enduring style to your dining or sitting room? Get inspired by Bibelot’s collection of furniture and fine antiques.


Use a unique object to make a statement in your most trafficked space in the house – the mudroom. No space? No problem! Make a special corner in a living area with a bench and a small table for keys and mail. The corresponding wall then becomes a place for storage; attractive hooks can hang almost anything for easy access. 

Make your mudroom or entryway a welcoming space with items like this Chippendale Custom Upholstered Bench.

Fool the Eye 

A large beautiful mirror, like this White Antique European Mirror will enlarge the size of any room.  

Boho Inspo 

Create a casual, yet haute space with truly authentic, Bohemian-inspired pieces. Play with patterns using vintage Indian textiles to add a completely unique vibe to your space. Helen’s favorite Vintage Indian Textiles can be used as wall hangings, a bed cover, or combine several different patterns and sling over a curtain rod or above a doorway or window.  

Drama and Flare

Dare to be different! Go all in on a piece that you love that is also visually impactful and unforgettable. A touch of humor and whimsy set the tone for a light and happy home.

Sometimes shopping for home decor calls for some monkey business. Discover more pieces like this funky monkey here.

Wow Factor

Is your room just…missing something? An antique entryway door like this Indian Teak Door will bring the character you were looking for to an otherwise bland room. Doors aren’t just for shutting in or shutting out, Helen says they also make great wall decor. Shop Bibelot’s custom collection of antique doors here

Global Aesthetic 

Add interest and mystery with pieces collected from across the globe. These Asian screens anchor this large room and make for an artistic focal point behind the sofa (pups not included). Travel the world with one trip to Mount Pleasant and snag a completely uncommon piece to add international intrigue to your home. 

Get connected and inspired with Bibelot:

Spanning the style wheel from eclectic to classic, timeless to contemporary, Helen invites you to bliss your home through her curated collections. You can shop now through May 1st by appointment only at 1147 Bowman Road, Mount Pleasant, after which normal business hours resume. You can shop Bibelot anytime online!





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