A Bucket List for Moms


When I was in college; single and kid-free; I was an adventurer. I went away on weekend getaways. I tried unknown foods at trendy restaurants. I did study abroad in South Africa. I was spontaneous. I showered regularly. A true daredevil.

And now, I’m happily married with three adorable children and a dreamy life in suburbia. I love it, I truly do. But man, a lot has changed. Instead of tracking rhinos in the African brush, I’m attempting to avoid stepping on Legos. Instead of “pre-gaming” for hours before going out around 10, I’m asleep on the couch in front of  the sofa before my first rerun of Gilmore Girls ends. Gourmet restaurants are now Chick-fil-A’s and sushi has turned into leftovers off my kid’s plate.

And I wouldn’t trade one second of it.  But maybe I need to raise the bar a little. So I decided to make a bucket list for mamas.  Some goals that we can strive for in the near future.

A Bucket List for Mamas

Eat your own food, by yourself {and preferably not chicken nuggets!}

A guilt-free Spa Day

5 Minutes of Complete Silence

Read an adult book

Shave without awkward questions

Shower without an audience

Not be a human jungle gym for one day

Two words: Bubble Bath

Read a book on the beach

Nap….a glorious nap

Grocery shop without bribing with cookies and balloons

Fold laundry without any “help,” while watching Bravo

A clean house for more than 15 minutes

Adult radio station

Drink coffee while it’s still hot

Sleep in

Leisurely stroll through Target without potty breaks

Eat candy without having to hide in the pantry

A Date Night that goes later than 9 pm

And the list goes on….I know that in about 16 years, I’ll be able to do all of these things again.  But I also know then all of the lovely “little kid” meltdowns moments will be gone forever.  Maybe I should make a bucket list of things to savor about my littles before they grow up…

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