Buying a Home…..with Kids!


Buying a home is such an exciting time. We are first-time homebuyers, and this process has been overwhelming. Not to mention doing all this with two small children in tow.

Touring homes with nursing and diaper change breaks, hoping the home has running water for potty time, and knowing if the house fits because the kids don’t want to leave are all extra things involved in house-hunting with kids.

You find THE ONE. The house you love and want to raise your children in. After all, they are the reason we are looking for a home anyways. It’s all for them. So, you tell the oldest child, and she cries hysterically and throws a fit because she doesn’t want to leave her old house. Once that is smoothed over and promises are made to paint her new room whatever color she chooses, on to packing!

Packing with children is overwhelming and ridiculous. Finding time to do it is hurdle one. I tried to have the kids help me start sorting and packing toys. The four-year-old and I packed as the baby unpacked behind us. Then the older tells the baby, “Well, it looks like we won’t be playing until we move.” Haha. That’s not true. They have plenty of toys with which to still play.


So, after a few weeks with boxes in the playroom and stressed out parents, we will be in our new home. No moves in the near future. Time to settle down and enjoy. Moving stinks. Moving with kids stinks like a diaper left under the passenger seat of the car in August heat.

How did you manage moving with kids?