Charleston Moms CARE: Non-Profit Spotlight on SEALKIDS


Giving back to our community is so important and we are so excited to present Charleston Moms CARE, a series where we’ll be highlighting different non-profits around the Lowcountry. We’ll tell you more about the organization and how you can get involved by volunteering!

This month we are featuring SEALKIDS, which is the only non-profit organization devoted solely to the educational support and success of children in the Navy SEAL community.

non-profit spotlightSEALKIDS

SEALKIDS’ vision is to help support the children of US Navy SEALs by providing impactful opportunities for every child. They help create a world in which the child can achieve their dreams and one in which SEALs never have to choose between the needs of their children and the needs of their county.

Their goals are:

1. To foster success and the well-being of the child through education.

2. To advocate for the child.

3. To help reduce the family stressors.

4. To provide resources for projects consistent with their purpose.

SEALKIDS has the following 4 core programs:

  1. Personalized academic support: From general tutoring to intensive specialized math programs to help Navy SEAL kids improve their performance in school.
  2. Specialized needs programs: Programs designed for children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, ect.
  3. Testing & evaluation: Testing to identify the root cause of a child’s learning challenge.
  4. Advocacy: Their advocates help Navy SEAL families prepare for individualized education plans (IEPs) and 504 meetings.

Ways to get involved

This year is SEALKIDS’ 10th year anniversary and to celebrate they are hosting Hooyah-Palooza, a week-long celebration jam-packed with memorable events November 4-8.

Thursday, November 4th
Brewlab – Charleston
Drink to Donate. Our Heroes Are Pint-Sized
Come join us for a round or two, because we’ll be premiering a new IPA in honor of our organization, and also, a % of the proceeds go to SEALKIDS! Login to FB to RSVP.

Saturday, November 6th: 6pm – 9pm
Monte Carlo Casino Night & Oyster Roast

4700 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC
A night of friendly card games with a bunch of Navy SEALs. No pressure at all. Join us at The Citadel Beach Club for our Charleston Salute to SEALKIDS. Complete with an Oyster Roast & Monte Carlo Casino Night + Speaker Alden Mills. (
Early Bird Tickets thru Oct 15 using code SKFAF

Monday, November 8th: 5 pm-8 pm
Home Team BBQ

126 Williman St., Charleston, SC
Dine to Donate. Swine to Enjoy. Enjoy the Lowcountry’s best barbecue, with 10% of proceeds going to SEALKIDS.

Here is the link to Hooyah-Palooza to learn more!

Other ways to get involved include:

Learn more about SEALKIDS:


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