Charleston Moms FAVORITES: 8 Things Giving Me Life Right Now


Welcome to our new series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! In a season of parenting that feels especially hard, our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and helping us get through the days. 

I’ll be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of things that I’ve been feeling excited about recently. With everything going on, the load on us mothers feels incredibly overwhelming. So it feels more important than ever to find things (i.e. anything!) that make us happy and help us get through the long, long days. Here are a few things that are giving me a little bit of life right now.

8 things that are giving me life right now

  1. 30 minute walks by myself. I’m lazy and haven’t been to the gym in a while. Like, a long while. I figure that something is better than nothing, and walking by myself in the morning not only gives me some physical exercise and Vitamin D, but also a very small, but very necessary window of time for myself that I desperately need. And if a walk doesn’t happen, even just sitting outside on my porch, by myself, at some point during the day feels a little re-energizing.
  2. Lazy Genious podcasts. On said walk, I’ll listen to a podcast and am always looking for some new ones to listen to. I’ve recently discovered The Lazy Genius ones and honestly, she had me at lazy. One specific episode that I really enjoyed was #172, Resurrecting Routines.
  3. Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I know I’m not the only one who has recently read the newest book by this amazing woman. It’s been a long time since I haven’t been able to put a book down and this book did not disappoint. I started earmarking the pages I wanted to go back to and soon realized it was nearly every single page. I cannot recommend this book more for anyone who needs some real talk and reminders about empowering ourselves.
  4. Bloodline. I am late to the game on this television series but once my husband and I started watching this, I was locked in! For that precious hour between my kids bedtime and when I crawl into bed, you can find me on the couch, zoned out, and binge-watching this show. One episode a night can be considered binge-watching, right? Maybe just for us old people!
  5. Oatmilk Pops. What’s TV on the couch without a sweet treat? I try to avoid dairy and have always been a fan of Chloe’s fruit popsicles for my kids, so when I saw these oatmilk pops, in my cart they went! The mint chip is my favorite. You’re welcome.
  6. Houndmouth music. Back when going to concerts were still a thing (insert sad face here), my husband and I saw Houndmouth downtown and I was hooked. They reminded me of some of the bands we used to see in college and ever since then, I turn their music on when I need a mood lift. Favorite song: Sedona.
  7. Scrabble. I know, this may be a weird one, but hear me out. I’m not a good play on the floor with my kids type of mom (and no shame in that!) but scrabble is a game I actually enjoy playing with my nine-year-old. It’s simple, I’m a word nerd, and it gives us something to do together. Win-win!
  8. Sprucing up our outdoor areas. I actually started this months ago, before the mosquitos and mugginess were in full force, but it’s been a fun distraction from all the heavy stuff and never-ending to-do list. Some stuff I’ve purchased (like these pillow covers I’m obsessed with!) but some things I’ve been able to find by just shopping my house for things I’ve forgotten about. I’m looking forward to sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall morning! (One can daydream, right?!)

Well friends, there you have it!

What things are making you happy these days?


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