Charleston Moms FAVORITES: How to Look More Put Together at Home


Welcome to our series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! In a season of parenting that feels especially hard, our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and helping us get through the days. 

Isn’t it funny how much more pajamas we are wearing since the pandemic began?! You are not alone if your wardrobe now consists of wearing more pajamas than regular clothes. I would regularly say that I needed to expand my pajama wardrobe since I was at home more than I usually am.

But it got to the point where I started to look like a bit of a hot mess. Can you picture it- messy hair and mismatched Christmas pajamas? I started to say to myself “Enough is enough…even if I was going to stay at home, I need to start to look more put together.

So I decided to swap out my overly worn-out pajamas and messy hair for some alternatives in the hopes of looking just a bit more put together. Hope you find something useful here!

*This post was not sponsored, they are just some of my favorite things.

Your Ultimate Guide for Being Stylish…At Home!

1. Cute Sweatshirt

There are so many cute options for sweatshirts! They come in so many styles, from tye-dye to flowers, ruffles, or maybe a cute little saying. I think sweatshirts are a great alternative to look comfortable but also put together. Speaking of sweatshirts, I have been really into sweatpant sets! It’s like an upgrade from pajamas…

2. Headbands

Yes, you can still keep your messy hair bun, but add a cute knotted headband to tie it all together! I love how quick this style is without fussing too much on my hair, yet it looks like I spent a little more time on myself!

Check out Subtle and Sass, for some cute one-of-a-kind options, as well as other local clothing stores in the Charleston area. (Speaking of Subtle and Sass, they make shopping super easy for stay-at-home mamas, or on-the-go woman with their style boxes. They are customized for your needs and she drops them off at your home. You keep only what you want and they pick up what you do not want…how amazing and convenient is that?!)

3. Boho Day Dresses

I cannot emphasize this enough…the easiest thing to do to look more put-together is to throw on a loose, airy boho dress. There are absolutely no layers involved, it is comfortable, and you look instantly chic! Mulberry and King, a local boutique, has a very unique selection of boho trendy dresses. If I do go out, I love pairing my dresses with a pair of glittery sneakers.

4. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are a staple in my wardrobe, but just an FYI, if you have not updated yours recently, it is now time! I did not realize how overworn, friction fuzz, and torn up my yoga pants were. I recently snagged a bunch of cute ones the other day to replace my old ones.  Make sure you check out Clothed in Radiance, a new local small business that sells the softest yoga pants and workout clothes, you won’t regret it!

5. Graphic Tees and Skirts

I absolutely love this trend! It takes the comfort of a cool graphic tee and adds the cute flare of a skirt! I would never have thought of this but seeing girls on Instagram rocking a cool band tee with a skirt was so unexpectedly chic and so very fun! I call this look, “I am not a regular mom… I’m a cool mom” outfit!

6. Quick Five Minute Makeup

I definitely have not been wearing as much makeup this past year as I used to. However even though I really enjoyed keeping my face makeup-free, I still love putting makeup on my face. So I decided to do swap my foundation with BB Cream, or add a tiny bit of my liquid foundation to my moisturizer. I set my foundation with loose powder, add my favorite blush and bronzer to my cheeks, apply tinted Chapstick to the lips and finish with mascara. All these steps take under five minutes, and it’s amazing how refreshed I feel afterward!

7. MATCHING Pajamas!

Ok, if you’re still wanting to do pajamas and are not convinced to put regular clothes on (sometimes)…I totally get it! But maybe instead of mismatched or outworn pajamas, treat yourself to some matching pairs. I have never bought so many pajamas in my life like I have this last year! Honestly, it feels great to have an update on my lounge wardrobe!

Staying at home does not mean we can’t look stylish. There is such a thing as comfort and looking good while being cozy and comfortable! I hope these tips help you in navigating your next shopping trip for 2021. Hopefully, we can start pulling out more of our “going out” wardrobe in the near future, but inn the meantime “at home fashion” is where it’s at!

What are your styling tips while being at home? Please share in the comments below!

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