Kid-Friendly Indoor Plants (And Ones to Avoid)


There is something about how indoor plants that help pull any room together and make it seem more inviting.

Any plant mamas or (dads) out there that agree with that?!

Indoor plants have always been popular but recently they’ve become even more so. Growing up I have always had a love of plants. My father grew up on a farm, and he became a landscape designer, and now later in life, he educates and studies plants as a profession. I still remember when growing up hearing how some plants you have to be very cautious because they can be very harmful if ingested. When I think of indoor plants, I find it very strange that the most popular indoor plants are considered to be the most poisonous.

Who knew right?!

So I wanted to share some plants that are popular but require some extra caution when considering putting them in a home with kids and pets. Especially if your kids like to give your plants extra love like mine do!

Poisonous Plants if Ingested

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

An extremely popular tree, but also toxic, is the fiddle leaf fig tree. These plants have the ability to cause blisters from the sap they produce. They are also known to irritate the skin of children and pets. I was super bummed to find this out because I have been coveting this tree… but knowing my kids’ tendencies, I steered clear from buying one.  If you do have this plant just make sure it is out of reach and handled with extra care.


I recently purchased this beautiful plant. I was going to put it on my nightstand next to my bed, but when I went to re-pot it, I noticed my hands were burning. It turns out that this plant contains oxalate crystals so when ingested, or if the sap oozes on to your skin, it can cause burns, extreme pain in the mouth, and numbing of the throat. So I decided to give this plant to friend that doesn’t have small children. I didn’t want to risk having that near my children, especially since my hand was burning after repotting it.


Oleander is one of the most poisonous indoor and outdoor plants! Buyer beware! These plants although very pretty can cause death if ingested in large amounts.

Snake Plant

Although the toxicity level is low with the snake plant, if ingested it can cause nausea.  I personally have this plant but I just keep it up high away from my kids.

Now that we have talked about some popular plants that we should be cautious about, here are some indoor plants that are baby and child-friendly.

Kid-Friendly Plants

Boston Fern

Some ferns are toxic but Boston ferns are kid and pet-friendly. I love not only having ferns inside, but I absolutely love them hanging on my porch. It just gives your home or porch that southern touch.

Corn Plant

When I first heard of corn plants, I imagined them having corn growing out of them. (Spoiler alert: they don’t!) Not only very kid-friendly, but the plant itself is very cool looking. This is definitely on my plant wishlist.

Areca Palm

What is not to love about this plant?! It gives your house an instant coastal and beachy feel with the palms, and it is kid-friendly. It is definitely a great plant to have in your house if you want to fill in some extra space.

Air Plants

Now, these are all the rage at the moment! Not only do they give off a very cool hip vibe, but they are not toxic and they get the majority of their nutrients from the air around them! When I saw these at Hidden Ponds Nursery, I definitely had a plant crush and will be adding them to my huge plant wish list!

Educate Yourself

Educating yourself is key when choosing which plants to include in your house. I know sometimes you might not realize that even a plant can be a danger in your household, or you might think “my child or baby would never try to ingest that!” But it’s better to be safe and know what is poisonous versus what is kid and pet-friendly.

If you do decide to keep plants that are considered toxic, one great tip is to label them so when it comes time to prune your plant or re-pot it, you know what to avoid. If only I did the research beforehand, I could have avoided being burned by my Dieffenbachia plant. Also, keep them out of reach of small kids and pets!

What are your thoughts? What are your favorite kid-friendly plants to keep in the house?

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