Cold Weather Family-Friendly Outings


Without a doubt, I am cold-blooded.

I am your chronically cold friend who never dresses in the right material or with the right layers. I embrace warm weather and everything that comes with it. You will even find me wearing flip-flops and shorts right up until Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, one of the best academies for the United States Merchant Marines was up in Maine, so I packed my bags and toughed it out for a few years up North. As soon as my program was over, though, I promptly packed my things and moved back to where it’s WARM. I thrive in sunshine and need my time outside.  I am so glad that my late husband and I returned home to Charleston before we had Sullivan because if we lived in his hometown in NJ, I would be one miserable momma trying to shovel snow every winter!

Though we don’t have the frigid temperatures (except that one time it snowed back in 2018) in Charleston, it CAN feel like we experience all four seasons in one day!

It’s cold and grey in the morning;

At 10 a.m. it’s pouring rain;

by 1 p.m. the sun is shining and it’s 74 degrees;

and finally, at 6 p.m. it’s cooled off again.

With all of this weather confusion, it is so difficult to plan the day out with my little one and be prepared for every possibility. So truthfully, most of the time, I find that I’m just “winging it.” The most helpful thing for us mommas to do is to keep a list of some of our favorite local places that we can go to together that keep us warm and entertained.

Sullivan and I are constantly searching around town for new places to stay engaged and as warm (or dry!) as possible throughout this unpredictable time of year. Here are six of our most recent favorites that we recommend ya’ll check out too:

Coastal Crust – One of our favorite dinner stops in Mount Pleasant. They are super kid-friendly with the converted farm truck outback. We order the Charred Veggie pizza every single time! Sullivan even chomps down on the well-seasoned broccolini while momma has a glass of wine from their curated list!

Cold Weather Family-Friendly Outings Charleston Moms

Ghost Monkey Brewery – This is a frequent stop on the Kilian dinner list. With their convenient calendar announcing the day’s food trucks, and the tricycles out front, this is a nice spot to get the energy out while having a craft brew. Like Coastal Crust, it’s outside, so you will need to bundle up (or don a raincoat) for this one!

Two Blokes Brewery – You may be starting to see a trend, but this momma appreciates good beverages! The Two Blokes space is entirely inside, so grab a bite at the pop-up restaurant out front, get a cold beer from the tap, and let the children play in the well thought out kids’ corner. Sullivan found a tractor there the other day and was thrilled for at least half an hour.Cold Weather Family-Friendly Outings Charleston Moms

Skip & Sully – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our new luxury, indoor playground for 5 & under in Mount Pleasant (full disclosure, I own it). As a nice daytime activity, the kids can run around in the Montessori environment while parents have a coffee or a glass of wine. It’s the perfect co-working space for parents working remotely or just to get out of the house for a bit and meet up with a mommy friend. It’s nice that you don’t have to pick up the toys either. You can just go home to your clean house for naptime!

South Carolina Aquarium – All the “fishies” as Sullivan would say! We love strolling around the aquarium downtown. This iconic indoor location has something exciting for every age. The touch and feel tank is without a doubt Sullivan’s favorite!

Grassroots Gymnastics – We found this gem through a Facebook Toddler Event a few weeks ago! This gymnastics center occasionally has an “open gym” day, and we had so much fun jumping around on the trampolines and pretending to walk the balance beam. Though this is more kid-centric than family, it was nice to let Sullivan run around and get some energy out!

With little members of the family, it can be challenging to find new places to help them get their energy out while enjoying yourself as well. It is so important to have establishments where every member of the family can feel welcome, and here is a little list to get you started!

Where do you like to hang out with your toddlers? Share with us in the comments below!