Electric Breast Pump Reviews From Real-Life Moms


The world of breast pumps can be very overwhelming! I sought to create a resource of “real-life” reviews from pumping moms to help guide your selection. Below are some common double electric breast pumps with a review from a real-life pumping mom. Please comment below with your reviews of these or other pumps you’ve used!

Breast Pump Reviews

Ameda Finesse


  • Very simple to operate, able to customize suction and speed easily with a knob dial
  • Connects to an electric outlet or can run on battery power
  • Few buttons (just dials)


  • Not digital so no timer on the pump
  • No automatic changing of stimulation to expression mode

This may be for you if you prefer “old school” non-digital devices and want full control of speed and suction with a manually adjusted dial.

Ameda Mya Joy


  • Automatic switch between stimulation and expression modes after two minutes
  • Simple buttons to operate
  • Digital display with timer
  • Connects to an electric outlet or can run on battery power


  • One mode for expression
  • Can only adjust the strength of suction, not speed

This may be for you if you need something compact in size that is simple to operate.

Elvie Hands-Free


  • Hands-free to use while working or caring for older children, discreet (no tubing or flanges sticking out of your bra) if needing to wear at work
  • Connects to an app on your phone easily which can track milk pumped and alert you when cups need to be emptied
  • No need for a hands-free pumping bra to be able to use (comes with bra extenders)


  • Commonly leaks if you bend over
  • Can be bulky so you may not feel comfortable wearing it in front of others with only one layer on (the release button for the collection cup also sometimes looks like a nipple through your bra)
  • Ideally would not be a primary pump as hands-free pumps don’t always work as efficiently at milk removal

This may be for you if you need to be hands-free at work or home, you like having an app connected to your pump and this is not your primary pump (or your milk has been regulated).

Baby Buddha (with Lactek flanges)

** Disclaimer: I have never used the Baby Buddha flanges that came with this pump. I prefer the Lactek BabyMotion silicone flanges, which I use with the Medela connector when using this pump because they’re more comfortable for me. I’ve also used the Legendairy Milk collection cups with this pump (also silicone flanges) and have had a similar experience with both sets of flanges!


  • Small in size, portable
  • Great customer service
  • Easily connects to various other flanges/pump pieces with simple “hacks”
  • Has one of the longest lives by hours of any portable pump


  • No automatic switch from expression to stimulation mode, you can only change suction mode (not able to change cycle speed or pattern)
  • Expression mode has a long pull that not everyone responds to
  • VERY strong, may be too strong of a pump for some

This may be for you if are looking for a portable, versatile pump that responds well to a long pull of suction.

Pumpable Genie Advanced pump with Liquid Shield flanges


  • Silicone flanges with built-in duckbills (no more duckbills falling victim to the garbage disposal during cleaning!) and novel suction mechanism to more closely mimic the baby’s mouth
  • Adjustable suction and cycle speed with the option to save a custom program for both
  • Small, portable, and digital display with rechargeable battery


  • The liquid shield flanges are a bit bulky, may not fit in some hands-free pumping bras easily
  • The motor is heavy if you wear it on a lanyard or clip it to clothes
  • Not sold by any retailers so if you need replacement parts in a pinch, you’ll have to wait a few days for shipping

This may be for you if you’re looking for a mobile pump with silicone flanges and like flexibility with programming suction and cycle speed.

*The following reviews come from feedback from real-life pumping moms in the Charleston area.

Spectra S1


  • Portable, doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet and battery lasts a long time
  • Includes light and timer
  • Customizable for suction and cycle; easy to transition between modes while pumping


  • Heavy to carry around

Medela Pump in Style


  • Pre-programmed between stimulation and expression modes


  • Has to be plugged in
  • No timer built-in

Motif Luna


  • Powerful and quiet with a wide range of suction
  • Able to buy extra parts with expedited delivery on Amazon, parts are easy to clean
  • Great, long battery life


  • No handle for transportation/carrying
  • You May need to purchase separate cups or empty cups during pumping if they fill

What was your most or least favorite breast pumps? Comment below with your review!


  1. Great review! Thanks for putting this together!

    I have the motif Luna and really like it. I just wanted to share that the cons didn’t seem really representative/accurate.

    The pump does have a cup handle you use to pick it up, not as easy maybe as the spectra or others but you can still use one hand easily, and it’s very light.

    Also the cups hold >6 oz when completely full to the brim, the same or more as Medela cups and they are exactly the same cups (interchangeable even) as the Spectra. So I’m not sure what pump had bigger cups someone was used to when they made this claim. I have noticed my cups filling during use but only because the pump was so effectively draining my milk not due to small size of the vessel.

    I don’t say this to be argumentative I just thought it might be useful in case someone is considering this pump! It cost me less to upgrade my insurance coverage for the battery pack model (the plug version would have been fully covered) than it would have for a comparable brand and I was worried it would be lesser quality but it’s worked great.

    I would go so far as to say the only con I’ve experienced is that you can’t pause it and restart the same timer but I’m not sure if any pumps have that ability so it’s hard to know.

  2. Thank you for providing some more details! That pump got a lot of favorable comments so I know it’s a crowd favorite and seems fairly common a choice for insurance!

  3. Motif Luna doesn’t have a battery… it’s a wall plug device.

    Agree with the first comment that the Luna doesn’t seem to be accurately represented here. It is the spectra 2 with a stronger pump and a quieter motor. What’s not to love?


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