Gardening Does Not Have to Be Intimidating!


It’s no secret my family enjoys the outdoors and gardening. After all, our two little ladies are named after our love of plants, so naturally, we have curated our lifestyle with plants and gardens abound! I’m here with some encouragement if you feel that caring for plants isn’t your thing.

Gardening Does Not Have to Be Intimidating

It can be as easy as placing a tiny pot with an herb from the grocery store on the kitchen windowsill, a container garden with one vegetable to harvest, keeping up with weekly watering of your favorite houseplants in that one sunny spot in your house, or even as simple as maintaining the natural plants in your yard!

Is gardening intimidating to you? A toddler's hand reaches for a berry from a natural plant in the yard.
We stumbled upon blackberries in our yard last year and our one-year-old had the best time watering and harvesting the berries!

My Favorite Type of Gardening to Try

Vegetable gardening is one of the most fun and rewarding types of gardening there is. One of the best things about gardening is being able to share with your friends and neighbors. (We were blessed with tomato plants to begin a container garden and collard greens that we were able to cook for dinner right away!)

A tip to start vegetable gardening is to focus on the food you enjoy and ONLY grow that at first! This helps to alleviate any sense of overwhelm, as learning how to care for many different types of plants can be too much to start.

In our house, we are fully committed to eating one of these vegetables multiple times a week (thanks to our toddlers’ palates): cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and okra!

This year we decided to go all out and begin with cucumber seeds! We started by purchasing seed starter kits. To get my toddler involved, I asked her to count out three to four seeds per seedling starter kit.Don't let gardening be intimidating! A toddler girl places seeds into a starter kit with the help from her mom.

This year we began by really understanding our zone. In Charleston we are in zone 8b/9a; simply search online for all the options you can choose from that grow best in our zone!

For Inspiration on Getting Your Own Garden Started

Don’t sweat it. If you aren’t good at gardening the first season — guess what? There are three other seasons for gardening. Growing plants is a year-round hobby! I am no expert; gardening is all about learning and cultivating — trial and error!

I love that gardening is for the entire family, no matter your age or ability — watching and caring for a plant while it grows brings pure joy!

What’s something new you’re going to try growing this year?


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