Going Back to Work After Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom


Life is all about change. Seasons change, people change, situations change… As mothers especially, we must stay flexible. It comes with the role of motherhood. Although change is hard, it is inevitable, and my life is changing in a big way this year.

Big changes

I haven’t worked outside of the home in two short but fun, crazy, best years of my life. Since then, we have had a baby, lost a job, lost a baby, lost a pet, and endured a worldwide pandemic, among other things. But in the midst of all this, God has provided for us in ways unimaginable. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to find a job in time, He came through and provided me with a great job to start this year off right.

I knew I would go back into the workforce, I just didn’t know it would be this soon. Trying to find a job in a pandemic is no easy feat. I put in countless applications and had many interviews before I was given an offer I could accept.

My husband and I have one daughter who I have stayed at home with since she was born. She will be two years old soon and I’ve been told this is the worst age to put a child in daycare. Is there ever a good time to put your child in daycare, to ask someone else to take care of your baby for you all day? The timing may be bad for some people, but when a mom is returning to work out of necessity, there is no need to shame her for her choice.

To say that I’m excited about going back to work would be a slight stretch of the truth. I am definitely looking forward to the adult interaction, being part of a team, the advancement of my career, new experiences, learning new things, and of course the income. But I will miss my daughter and our daily routine so much more than I can put into words.

The thought of leaving her with someone else all day is unnerving. It sounds like a bad idea when I look at it a certain way. But I have to loosen the reins for her best interest and for my own. Here are a few tips if you are feeling the same way.

Tips as you head back to work

Remember Your Why
Why are you going back to work anyway? You might need financial stability, want financial advancement, want to grow your career, or simply don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom anymore. Whatever your reason, wake-up each day and repeat your why to yourself. Say it out loud. Because chances are, it’s going to be difficult to get up every morning and do something totally different for a while, and the mom guilt could completely consume you if you’re not careful.

Do Something You Enjoy, if You Can
Going back into the workforce after being a stay-at-home-mom for years and doing a job that you don’t even like is a bad way to start. However, I understand this is unavoidable sometimes. If you have a specific degree or skill you’re good at, try to land a job doing that. It will just make the transition into working again that much easier. If you can’t find anything in the field you are looking for, take something different, and use it as a stepping stone to something better later down the road.

Mother (Almost) Always Knows What’s Best
As mothers, we don’t get it right all the time. But usually, the margin of error when it comes to making decisions for our young children is slim. If you are needing to get out of the house, even for just a part-time job, do it. It doesn’t matter your reason. As long as you find a safe and trustworthy place to leave your child while you go to work, you are serving your family well.

I hope you found this encouraging. If you’re a mom who has reentered the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom, do you have any tips for other moms going through this now?