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If you haven’t read my earlier posts on Heartland Home Foods and what it’s like to have a consultation with one of their wellness consultants, I encourage you to take a look. And if you’re wondering what it’s like to actually order from and use Heartland’s grocery delivery service, you’re in luck! Today’s post includes the experience of a mom who’s more than happy with the service she receives.

The Draw

Meet the real Molly [left] and Amanda!
Molly Speciale is an independent Cabi stylist and mother of three who met Amanda Anduiza at a networking event. At the time she had two kids at home and one college student who was about to be home for the summer. As many mothers do, she was cooking three to five nights a week. We all know the amount of planning, shopping, and prep that goes into preparing multiple family meals. Naturally, Molly was intrigued by Amanda’s description of what Heartland Home Foods had to offer, so she decided to give it a shot.


The Experience

As with any new experience, there were hesitations. Molly wondered how the orders would work into her grocery budget and how she would plan for meals. Heartland delivers bulk quantities of high-quality meat and food products, so using Heartland would mean shifting the way she plans, prepares and cooks. Her first consultation was with Anthony Anduiza, Amanda’s husband.

He took the time to explain to Molly all about Heartland Home Foods – the farms they work closely with, the “never ever” program, the portion sizes and the way they flash freeze their products to retain the most nutrition they can. You see, Heartland has close relationships with only a handful of farms that raise their animals humanely and properly. Grass-fed and antibiotic-free labeling are not regulated in the U.S., so purchasing meat with these labels in grocery stores does not guarantee you are getting what you think you are getting. But Heartland knows exactly how their meat is sourced and has close relationships with these farms. In addition, portions are flash-frozen into individual sizes that can easily be defrosted in just ten minutes. The meat is such high quality that it needs just salt and pepper to taste amazing.

In Molly’s words, “As a busy working mother who often doesn’t know who all will be eating at home on any given night, it is nice to be able to come home from work, determine the number I am feeding, pull an appropriate amount of meat out of the freezer that will then be thawed by the time I change clothes and am ready to cook dinner. Also, the reorder process is so simple, as they walk you through the whole process!”

The Value

A common hesitation with any food delivery is the cost – will I be paying a ton for this convenience? Amazingly, with Heartland Home Foods, you are getting a great value for the quality of meat you receive. Molly has stuck with Heartland for a number of reasons and value is definitely one of them:

“The time I save on weekends making trips to the store (grocery shopping is much quicker now that I am just picking up a few staples and snacks), we are wasting far less meat (in the past I would make too much which would eventually get thrown out), saving time, eating more frequently at home because I can always quickly have something thawed and ready to cook, and the kids are eating more because the taste is so much better (thus, no leftovers that later get thrown out).”

Anthony informs his clients that about 18-25% of all the food you buy will get thrown out. That’s a big chunk of food for those of us who are trying to stay within a grocery budget! But when you have smaller portions that are already measured out for you, you can significantly cut down on food waste. Additionally, the meat comes gourmet trimmed, portioned, packaged, and delivered for you. And like Molly, most parents report that their kids eat more because the taste of the meat is far superior to grocery store meat.

Grocery Shopping Redefined

The bottom line, Heartland Home Foods is a smart option for busy families who want to provide a healthy option while staying in budget. Molly is similar to most of their clients who, once they discover Heartland, stick with them for the long haul. Heartland’s biggest users are families with growing kids, so they have experience working with parents to determine the best way to use their service to benefit the whole family.

If you’re wondering if Heartland could be right for your family, you can easily schedule a free consultation with one of their wellness consultants to learn all about the company and taste their products. As moms, we’re always looking to share life hacks, so Heartland Foods may just be the life hack you need for this season!

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Courtney Oberly
Courtney is a Charleston native who, after graduating Clemson, moved to Chicago to compete a one-year dietetics internship. That one-year program turned into a decade long stint in the Windy City where Courtney worked for a variety of health businesses. While in Chicago, Courtney met her husband and had three kids, living an adventure of having kids in the city. At the end of 2015, she returned home and launched her own private nutrition practice on Daniel Island. Courtney loves to help people find simple ways to heal and thrive through the food they eat. She is a thankful for the beauty – and the food – that the Lowcountry has to offer!