Just a Boy and His Books


I cannot take credit for the amazing person my son is growing into. I do my best to provide a loving environment where he can be himself. I focus on nurturing his interests and this little man of mine, at his core, is a true lover of books. Just this week he has spent hours sitting in his room, snuggled with his oversized stuffed dog, engulfed in his books. From time to time, he will ask me to read to him but much of this time he spends by himself, reciting the books he has memorized, which are countless. I watch in awe of his focus and love for books, the stories, and the characters in them. 

I have always loved reading but sad to say my daily life distractions always seem to take precedence over it. The older my son gets, his focus increases and his love for books grows. I am starting to take note of how my 2.5-year old seems to have more focus than his mom and I vow to begin emulating my child.

It’s funny how we are always told to model for our children, but I am finding that sometimes we need to stop and watch what they are teaching us.

Even when we have plans to leave the house at a specific time and a to-do list that seems never-ending, sitting quietly and escaping into a book might be the most important thing. He is teaching me to slow down and never stop learning.

In our four months of living in SC, we have found local spots where we spend lots of time, nurturing his book-loving imagination and growing his story collection. I hope you enjoy them!

Three Local Spots for Book Lovers

GoGo Book Truck: A Nomadic Storybook Shop403 Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

It’s hard to describe how truly special Kate and her shop are. Thoughtfully decorated with gorgeous ROYGBIV displays, fun toys, and SO many unique books to fit any person. Kate knows each book in her truck and spends the time to learn who the book is for to make sure you leave happy. My son adores her and yells “Hi, Miss Kate!” every time we pass the truck upon the hill. Follow her on social media for her weekly schedule. She is mostly stationed in Mount Pleasant but goes all over the Charleston area.

Image via GoGo Books Facebook page.

The Vintage Bookseller761 Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

An adorable, local book store, where friendly staff is serving delicious coffee drinks. You can find best sellers for adults and kids but also a curated selection of current and unique books and fun book-themed gifts!

Image via The Vintage Bookseller’s Facebook page.

Wando Public Library1400 Carolina Park Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466

My son and I spend a lot of time at this special place, which feels like so much more than a standard library. The children’s section is massive, with wall-to-wall windows, ever-changing displays, and the nicest librarians you will ever meet! They always have special scavenger hunts set up and even pre-bagged crafts to take home. Storytimes have looked a bit different since COVID, but the few that have taken place outdoors have been wonderful. They make an incredible effort to make the library fun.

What are your favorite places to read around Charleston? Let us know in the comments!