Why I Love the Movie Frozen


Okay moms (and dads), am I the only one who loves the movie Frozen? I can’t possibly be, right? I seriously love it! My daughter and I watch it all the time – literally at least once a day, and it’s the best!

Why Frozen is one of my all-time favorite movies

  • It’s awesome in general, and it doesn’t really have any scary parts. Most Disney movies have something in there that really scares the heck out of kids, but Frozen doesn’t. Sure, the parents get lost at sea, but that happens for about eight seconds, and there’s nothing said about it. It’s just choppy water.
  • It’s hysterical! Anna is so silly! I love at the beginning when she first meets Hans and says he’s gorgeous, and then she’s like “wait, what?” I also love the part when she’s climbing the mountain, and says, “does the air seem a bit thin to you,” but then you see that she’s only about three feet off the ground. Or when Oaken offers her fish (or something like that) to apologize for giving Kristoff the boot.
  • The songs are undeniably catchy and fun, but not super annoying! I find myself singing the songs from Frozen at my desk during the workday. I’ll be typing something and in my head, I’ll be singing “We finish each other’s… sandwiches… hey, that’s what I was going to say!” Plus, those people are seriously amazing singers. (Speaking of both Anna and all the singing, who in the world knew that Kristen Bell could sing like that?? My mind was blown when I found out she was really doing the singing. Like, she wasn’t fun and cool enough already, and now you can add amazing singer to the list? That’s pretty great and adds another reason why I love Frozen.)
  • My daughter loves the movie more than I do! That’s fabulous because it’s a) something we get to do together on the regular, and b) putting it on, whether at home, in the car, or at a restaurant, instantly mesmerizes her. If she’s not in the mood to sit still for a diaper change, it’s time to put on Frozen. If she’s tired of sitting in traffic in the car, put on Frozen and she’ll forget that we’ve been sitting still for an hour. Woot woot! It’s also time that she’ll sit down and snuggle with me, and that’s my absolute favorite part! Watching her eyes light up when her favorite songs come on, or how she imitates Anna and Elsa saying “Mmm, chocolate” at the ball, or pretending to chop the ice at the beginning is priceless.
  • Plus, there are so many Frozen items to purchase. Granted, that has it’s downsides too, but in general, it’s amazing. It’s so easy to put together a fun theme party, or Easter basket because there are  nine million Frozen items to purchase and make the theme a hit!

I could probably add a list a mile long of all the reasons why Frozen is my favorite Disney movie. It is so darn great and it’s so fun to share that with my sweet daughter. My whole family actually really likes it!

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