Making Mom Friends (Even During a Pandemic)


Growing up I had few friends and I never really had a best friend. I was not only very shy and introverted but also I was an only child and that made it lonely for me. To make matters worse I could only invite friends over to my parent’s house that were the same religion as mine…. and the church I went to rarely had people my age. Yikes!

How does one grow up without a best friend?! Well, I learned at a very young age to be content with myself.

With that being said, when I became a mom, I felt like I needed to put myself out there to find friends, especially when my family and I moved nine hours away from my home. As a mom, you need a friend that will make you feel sane. You need someone to talk to about your day and your struggles. I know sometimes finding adult friends is hard, but it is possible. It’s funny to watch how my child finds friends and makes them so easily and to think about how I struggle so much in that area.

My family has always said that as your child gets older and is involved in more activities, you will find more adult friends as well. That indeed happened, but what if you are a new mom and need mom friends now? Sometimes waiting for your kids to grow up and their schedules to blow up can feel like a lifetime.

Making mom friends even during a pandemic

Prior to the virus, I took my son to the library, fitness mom groups, swim lessons, and playgrounds and that helped me find and connect with other moms. I totally made myself do the awkward park encounters. My husband would always tease me because my opening lines were so cheesy. The worst was asking another mom “So how about that road, it’s really bumpy?!” I mean, talk about awkward!

After a while though, opening up to complete strangers got easier. And then COVID-19 hit and threw a wrench into everything. Yes, finding new friends now during a time of social distancing and quarantine is extremely hard. But you can still find ways around it.

Get to know your neighbors. Before quarantine, I barely knew my neighbors. I didn’t even know we had so many moms in our neighborhood but taking walks and saying hi from a distance is a great way to break the ice and make a new friend.

If you’re a fitness mom, there are virtual fitness mom groups. Many do Zoom meetings, such as Fit4mom Charleston and Fit Mommy Charleston where you can chat with fellow mamas while also getting a great workout.

A fun way to meet new people is by attending a trivia night or mom’s night out put on by local businesses. Many businesses, like Subtle and Sass located upstairs at Skip and Sully are finding creative ways to get people together while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Ask in your local neighborhood Facebook pages if other moms in your area would like to do a virtual happy hour just to have girl talk, take your mind off of the kids…and maybe even enjoy some laughs about motherhood.

I know it is a scary time with everything that’s unfolding around us. That is why we need an outlet and someone there to talk to much more than ever before. Put yourself out there, making that first move and break the ice. Maybe start a virtual book club for moms, or a virtual wine night?!

I know we all get annoyed with social media but honestly, Instagram and Facebook have helped me connect with so many moms in the area. Personally half of my friends are from meeting on Instagram that are fellow mom bloggers, or moms in Facebook groups. I find it so refreshing just to see what other moms out there in the area are doing. Not only does it inspire me to become a better mom, but it helps take my mind off of everyday things.

If you know someone that is a new mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a family that just moved into your neighborhood, make sure you reach out and welcome them. I’m sure they would appreciate your friendship and being open and friendly. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be the person to reach out…especially now more than ever.

How are you making new mom friends, and staying connected to them? Please tell us in the comments below!

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Chelsea is a Maryland native, currently enjoying her role as a stay-at-home mom. She was a hairstylist for 10 years until she moved to Charleston. Her husband, whom was one of her clients, was born in Mississippi but lived all over the USA as the son of a Navy father. Shortly after meeting, they got married and had their daughter. Three years later they moved to Charleston while she was eight months pregnant with her second child. After having their son, he was diagnosed with a kidney disorder. She also is a cult survivor. Despite all the bumps they look towards the brighter side in life. You can find her doing crafts, yoga, fashion and blogging on Mascara Pearls Spitup. As a family they enjoy the beach, fishing, swimming, dancing, walks, antiquing and food.