Mom Confession: I Am a Terrible Cook


Undercooked, overcooked, burnt, tastes horrible…sound familiar? If not… well then you might find this funny. If you do find this similar to most of your meals, then this will comfort you. You are not alone…

I am a terrible cook

There, I said it.

The funny thing is that my husband is a fantastic cook. He can whip up anything and make it seem so effortless. Meanwhile, I’m sitting by the stove praying it works out-haha! Yes, he knew that I was terrible at making meals from the very beginning of our relationship. He found out very quickly actually. It was right after he made me a wonderful meal of bacon-wrapped chicken with prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. Naturally, I really wanted to wow him to with my “fantastic” cooking skills too.

I spent hours trying to find the perfect recipe to cook for dinner while my now-husband. I saw this cool recipe for “Bubble Pizza” and decided to make it. Spoiler alert, it was horrible! I didn’t cook it all the way through and it was soggy and gooey right in the middle of the casserole. Obviously, that was not how I wanted things to go. Talk about Pinterest FAIL!

Well, the cat was out of the bag! My husband laughed it off and suggested we leave it in the oven for another 30 minutes. Eventually, I admitted to myself that unless a recipe has under five ingredients, I can’t cook to save my life!

The thing is, I’ve never found the joy in cooking. In fact, I hate it.

No, it’s not because I am terrible at it. I genuinely don’t like cooking. I always cringed while growing up when my mom wanted me to help her cook meals. I wasn’t the one (like my daughter) who begged to help in the kitchen. I avoided that area as best as I could until it was time to eat. You would think since I have a passion for food (eating it, that is) that I would also have a passion for cooking it. Nope, no passion here. It is totally a chore to me. Maybe my daughter will take after my husband and have a passion for cooking. Who knows?! And if she doesn’t then that’s ok too!

Although not being able to cook is an insecurity of mine that I’ve learned to embrace, growing up it was instilled in me that in order to be a “good wife” you must be a good cook.

Well, that’s just not true!

Just because I can’t cook well doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to offer to my family. I have strengths that my husband doesn’t have. For instance, I can cut my family’s hair (yes, I am a professional, don’t get alarmed). I can get my people from point A to point B. I am a booboo kisser. I am on top of every important thing that needs to be done, plus I can clean like no other. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in a relationship.

And guess what!?


It just so happens that my weakness is not being able to cook great. My husband is ok with it, and so am I. We joke about it and it isn’t a big deal. Although my husband would say I have improved in the cooking department, and I must say so myself too, practice makes perfect. I try and keep my meals VERY simple. My go-to’s now are spaghetti, pot roast, chicken and vegetables, tacos, breakfast food, and soup. I am very proud of my improvement. So if you see an Instagram post of the food that I cooked, it’s only because I am amazed that I didn’t mess it up! Yes, when it comes to new recipes I do sometimes mess them up, but that just means we call for takeout!

So mamas… the message I am trying to give you is that it is ok to not be perfect. In fact, embrace your imperfections! You are who you are. Even if that means having takeout four out of seven nights. The very fact that you are willing to try and learn from your mistakes is a wonderful thing. Maybe one day I can learn to cook like my husband, and if not, then that is ok too!

Are you good at cooking? What are your go-to recipes that are easy to make?

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Chelsea is a Maryland native, currently enjoying her role as a stay-at-home mom. She was a hairstylist for 10 years until she moved to Charleston. Her husband, whom was one of her clients, was born in Mississippi but lived all over the USA as the son of a Navy father. Shortly after meeting, they got married and had their daughter. Three years later they moved to Charleston while she was eight months pregnant with her second child. After having their son, he was diagnosed with a kidney disorder. She also is a cult survivor. Despite all the bumps they look towards the brighter side in life. You can find her doing crafts, yoga, fashion and blogging on Mascara Pearls Spitup. As a family they enjoy the beach, fishing, swimming, dancing, walks, antiquing and food.