Mom Hacks: A New Collection


Parenting isn’t easy. Between tantrums, gum in hair, back talk and lost homework, it can be a downright nightmare. Luckily, we are all in the same boat, and willing to help each other out! Here are some of the neatest Mom Hacks that I’ve seen in awhile. Sure, there are a ton on Pinterest, but these are some ones even I haven’t seen before!

Removing Permanent Market Off Skin

If you have kids under the age of six, you know the love-hate relationship that us moms have with markers. Sure, they make it easy for the little ones to color, but for some reason, more marks end up on their hands than on the paper! And Heaven-forbid they get their little paws on permanent markers! But if they do {and somehow bypass the walls for their skin…} here’s how to clean permanent marker off of skin courtesy of Kids Activity Blog.

Cleaning Toys

And while we are talking about grubby little hands {and germy little mouths!}, let’s think about all of the plastic toys you have with intricate parts. The crevices of Legos are impossible to wipe clean….so why not throw them in the washing machine? Getting’ By tells you all the details on how to de-funk the millions of blocks that you’ve accumulated.

Reminder Bracelets

Whether its specific chores, their library book, or to brush their teeth, kids forget a lot. I love this idea for reminder bracelets from Kids Activity Blog.  I think my kids would have bracelets up to their armpits…There is nothing I dread more than the words “cup or cone” in front of my kids. Inevitably, they’ll want the cone. But thanks to the buffet of toppings that are now offered at most ice cream places, odd are that a marshmallow will be available to stuff down in the point to prevent drips and make ice cream a little less messy. Thanks One Good Thing by Jillee!

Removing Crayon Marks

I’m not sure why broken crayons are so elusive, but they manage to avoid being cleaned up at all costs. They somehow roll under tables, against baseboards and into piles of other toys, hiding out where no one can find them. That is, until your TWO YEAR OLD enters the room and immediately spots the broken blue crayon and proceeds to color on every surface available. There are lots of ideas out there for crayon removal, but The Prairie Homestead posted the first one that I had seen using essential oils.

Discipline Chart

I LOVE this idea for kids when they get in trouble. The combination of chores, as well as kind actions, is fantastic. A new way to ground your kids from Lynette’s New Hobby.

Liquid Bandage Tattoo

This tip is actually an oldie, but goodie, for our household. Since we love going to Disneyworld, we have used this Liquid Bandange Tattoo idea from The Paper Mama several times. In fact, I need to add it to my all-inclusive Disney packing list for our next trip!

Disinfecting Toys

I regularly soak and disinfect our bath toys. The idea of the inside of them never really drying out totally grosses me out. But We Love Being Moms hot glues the holes in her new toys closed, so that water doesn’t get inside in the first place!

Removing Splinters

I have been lucky enough to have avoided splinters so far, but with three active kids, it will inevitably happen. This tip from Pop Sugar‘s roundup is definitely one to save!

Functional Onesies

Have you ever wondered why there were folds around the necks of infant onesies? Or did you just assume {like me} that they were to accommodate your big-headed kid? This genius video from Tiaras and Prozac shows you exactly why they are there….and then you will wonder how you’ve survived every diaper blow out up to this point. Mind. Blown.

So there you have it, some new Mom Hacks to make life, just a little easier. Got any other ideas? We’d LOVE to share them, so leave a comment {or even a link to your post or picture} and you may get featured in a future Mom Hack post!

What’s your favorite mom hack?