Moms To See in the 843: The Passion for Caring in Liz Price


These days there are more and more women entrepreneurs launching their own businesses. These women truly inspire me and I admire them greatly for following their passions and doing the immense work to become successful. I am inspired even more when I see the large number of moms that are successful entrepreneurs, managing their own businesses as well as life at home with kids!

I myself am fortunate enough to know one of these fabulous mamas, and also to work for her! Liz Price is a South Carolina native who has lived in Charleston for most of her life. She has made a name for herself and her business Nurse At Night here in the Lowcountry.

Liz has been married to her husband Brian for over 20 years and she is a mother to two boys ages 12 and 14. She is also a nurse at a local hospital in their Level II Nursery. It was Liz’s dedicated passion for helping people and her persistent dream to start her own business that led her to become the successful mama and entrepreneur that she is today! Liz recently sat down with me to give me insight into her life as a successful business owner and as a dedicated mom and wife.

Moms to See in the 843: Liz Price

What has been the biggest challenge in pursuing your dreams?

I went to school to be a nurse and I love nursing, but I had a dream to start my own business. Starting my own business has been fun and amazing, but not having a business degree has been the most challenging part! Learning the details of how to run a business has been a “learn as you go” process- this has definitely been the biggest challenge and transition in pursuing my dream. It has been a huge blessing helping moms through my business, but the logistics of running a business day to day have been hard! But the passion and the dream keep me going, as well as the love for it!

What would you say to other moms trying to balance motherhood and also pursue their own dreams? What’s your best advice for busy moms?

I have found the best success in trying to not really have a “balance” between the two but to “ride the wave” and decide what is most important at the present time. For example, when my business needs certain things from me, I designate a certain amount of time for it. However, when my kids need things, then I cut back on the time I put into my business. I refocus and prioritize where I’m at. I feel like creating a balancing act is too overwhelming, but since I have restructured my priorities around my business needs and my family’s needs, I can “keep my head above water” and focus on the most important things. You just have to reprioritize what is most important!

How do you juggle it all?

Early on I tried to do it all myself! When you start a new venture or business, it’s your “baby” and you try to do it all, but you have to learn to ask for help! We moms feel like we have to “be everything for everyone,” and when I got to a place of burnout, my husband said, “you have to let other people help you!” I released some of my responsibilities to others.

I enlisted the help of my husband, a housekeeper, someone to do the books for my business, and another nurse who I am happy is now doing more and more with Nurse At Night. I feel like I can catch my breath again and get things done day to day now that I have let go of some things and just asked for help! It’s a hard thing for a mom to do- you feel like “if I can do it all then I’m the best mom I can be!” But that’s not feasible. You can’t do it all, so let people help you! Having help allows me to be able to juggle it all!

Why did you choose the career path you chose and what was your inspiration behind your business?

I love caring for people and caring and nurturing and growing babies is what I do in the workplace. As a mom, I saw the need for help during the time right after a baby is born. You are so exposed and vulnerable and scared and excited and happy and you just feel all of these emotions! I saw it as a crucial time to really get in a family’s home and care for them and provide sleep for them because if you’re not getting good sleep, everything in life is affected, including your emotions and your physical health!

I wanted to help parents transition and learn how to care for their babies. This has so much to do with the sleep they get! So I saw the need to offer them sleep and I saw how it could change the course of how well a family does with their newborn. Also, there is so much education out there for new moms, and a lot of the info conflicts, so I felt it was important to be able to come in with a plan that I know works and help guide them, thus giving the family great confidence in their own ability to be a parent. This is the rewarding part of Nurse At Night– helping guide them and prepare them and give them confidence!

What has been most challenging about wearing your many hats? Maybe, which hat is most challenging?

The most challenging “hat” is parenting, for sure! It’s an ever-evolving thing! You go through different stages and once you think you have mastered a stage and you can work through it, then your family grows into a different stage! Business stays the same– you are providing the same services and you can tweak and perfect these services, but parenting is ever-evolving!

What do you love most about your career and your business?

The most rewarding thing about my business is seeing a family start off struggling and feeling like they can’t manage, and then I come in and help with whatever service it might be and then they feel like they can now do it! They see the light at the end of the tunnel! Whether that be helping a mom with breastfeeding, helping with a new baby that doesn’t sleep well, and providing sleep training, starting in one area and seeing the end result is what I love most! And hearing them talk about it later! Like when I have return families who want help with their second baby, I know we are doing good and making a difference!

What is one tip you would give to moms out there trying to start their own business?

If you have a dream and it’s a true passion that you have, then just go for it and dive in head first! We will come up with every reason and excuse as to why we can’t do it. We think about it, we question ourselves, we think we can’t do it. But dive in headfirst and give 100% and go for it and you will surprise yourself with your success! I have questioned myself a thousand times and wondered if I am truly capable of doing this, thinking I’m not cut out for this! And if I had waited to start my business, I would have talked myself out of it. Just go for it and give it your all and everything will fall into place! Don’t give up, even on hard days, because you are making a difference!

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