National Thrift Shop Day (My Favorites Around Charleston)


I’ve always been a thrifty person. Thrifty in the sense of getting the best bang for my buck; always keeping my eye out for a good deal. I’m a sucker for buy one get one.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really been keen on taking care of the environment.

Recycling. Saving even just one item from ending up in the landfill.

And this is where my love for thrifting comes into play. Not only can I go to a thrift store and buy gently used items that other people don’t need anymore, but I’m also supporting an organization that is using the funds for a good cause.

Here is a list of my favorite thrift stores in the Charleston area:

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide nonprofit organization that works to build affordable homes for people in need of housing. Their thrift stores have everything ranging from wall art to kitchen appliances — anything you might need as an addition to your home!

We visit Goodwill once a week. No joke. (It’s also right next to our house, so this is where my boys’ weekly allowance usually ends up.) Goodwill always has something good. My favorite thing to shop for here is shoes — who doesn’t love a new pair of sneaks? But Goodwill also puts 86% of its profits towards members of the community in the form of job training, support, and education.

If you haven’t been to Closet Case, run. Go support this amazing thrift store and the We Are Family organization that it supports. We Are Family is a local nonprofit that supports LGBTQI+ youth by providing affirming spaces (support groups, mental health assistance, events) for community building. Such a great place!

Do you have a sweet spot for animals? So does ReTAIL! Proceeds from ReTAIL go to Pet Helpers Adoption Shelter and Spay/Neuter Clinic. You can find just about anything in this store, so be prepared to go on a hunt for some treasures!

Here’s another one for the animal lovers out there! Second Chance Resale supports the Charleston Animal Society. They also post their listings on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, so you can shop from home!

Unlike most thrift shops, Uptown Cheapskate will pay you for your clothes! They do still give back to the community, though. They give back to build schools through buildOn and give scholarships for education. Plus, the clothes they have are pretty trendy.

Okay, this one isn’t a thrift store, but it might just be better than that. The Naked Lady Society hosts FREE clothing swaps in the Charleston area. Bring gently used clothes to swap with other women and the clothes that don’t get taken are donated to local nonprofits. So much fun, right?!

So next time you think about going on Amazon to buy a new dress, or running into Target to look for a cute purse, try out the thrift stores first! It’s fun to look around for treasures, and you know that you are supporting both the environment and a nonprofit organization!

Comment below with your favorite thrift stores in the Charleston area, and thrift on!


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