Planting and Reaping Your 2020 Vision


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Every January, we start with a clean slate. The blank sheet of paper where we can rewrite our destiny. For years I made resolutions that were so challenging I wouldn’t be able to keep them for a week or two, and then I would be mad at myself, beating my self up (metaphorically) because of my crummy job.

Resolutions like:

  1. Don’t eat chocolate ever again (my favorite food)
  2. Lose 20 pounds in January (that’s a lot for four weeks)

You get the picture.

BUT . . .

I eventually realized that these resolutions were very short-sighted and did not encompass my vision for the new year, so I tried something different. Instead of making unattainable final destination type resolutions, I made a Goal Sheet or something to reach instead of a “what not to do” list. It worked so much better.

A couple of years ago, part of my goal was to run a marathon in December, so to keep my training up, I ran a smaller race every month. I completed all of the smaller, more attainable goals, which helped me succeed in the larger, more challenging goal.

I’ve learned something else since I moved my focus from negative resolutions to positive goals: Life has a way of being cyclical, some years are sowing (or planting), and some are reaping (or harvest.) Some years we work hard on goals that we may not see the final product on for months, even years later.

My very first 5K race was about four years ago. I was so proud of myself, and I knew that nothing could ever top it. Two years later, I finished a marathon. One year after that, I completed my first sprint triathlon. This year, I am going to compete in an Olympic-distance triathlon.

My physical goals grow every year based on the seeds that I planted the year before.

Maybe you aren’t into physical goals. This sowing and reaping cycle can happen in all sorts of areas of your life. I started blogging three years ago; from there, I wrote and published a children’s book, self-help book, and even though I took a break from heavy writing last year, I plan on completing at least one book and starting the process of publishing this year.

Is this your year of planting?

Are you planting the seeds for something big to happen down the road? Taking a college course, enrolling in an art class, or stepping out to learn leadership are all beautiful ways to plant those seeds.

Or is this the reaping year?

Have the goals that you met in 2019 brought you to a place where big things are going to change in 2020?

I can say that there are going to be big changes in my family due to the work that we put in over the last few years. I am so excited about it; all because my husband and I decided that our resolutions have been short-sighted and didn’t focus on the long term vision.

This year, when talking about our goals, we have already set some pretty huge ones for 2021, which I can’t wait to share.

How can you prepare your vision for 2020?

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Sort your goals in categories (ex. Relationship, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Writing).
  3. Make them easily readable.
  4. Make a vision board with pictures of things you want to accomplish.
  5. Keep a copy of your goals or vision board where you can see them daily.
  6. Check off or highlight the goals once you have achieved them.
  7. Don’t be afraid to add new goals or alter your vision if/when a change happens in your life.Planting and Reaping Your 2020 Vision Charleston Moms

Here’s to you having a Vision for 2020 that lifts your focus from unattainable resolutions to goals that can move you along to a future of you that is better than you can imagine.

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Amber Chandler
Amber is a native Texan who moved to Summerville with her family in June 2015. The transition from career banker of fifteen years to a stay at home mom and moving halfway across the country where they knew no one was a challenge, but totally worth it. Now settled, Amber has become a paint brush wielding interior decorator who loves to build new things through her business, Chandler by Design, But her most important job is to be an example to her kiddos, Lily (8) and Luke (5). Amber’s newest hobby is running and now that she has completed her first individual 5k she is headed towards a half marathon.