Questions to Answer when Deciding What to do This Weekend!


With cooler weather here and the holidays in full swing, it’s a common anthem: “I love the weekends!” Charleston is a great place to live and play! But with so much to do, how do you choose? This is exactly the question I was asked by a mom new to the area. 

So, without pulling out the flowcharts, here are some simple questions I like to think about while dreaming about the weekend. Happy planning!

What is going on?

Charleston Moms Blog has a monthly events guide, along with a community calendar. These are two great resources that I use to see what is happening around the area. I also subscribe to newsletters (or you can do this through social media) to places that we frequent and places where we have memberships. That way, if they have a festival happening, we can get in on the action.

Where is it?

The Lowcountry is spread wide. And with only so many bridges (and sometimes traffic), getting somewhere can take some time versus if we lived in a flatter, less aquatic area. However, even though this may be the case, it doesn’t deter us from venturing out of our neighborhood. It just takes a little more planning. Like packing picnic lunches!

Do I have errands I need to do? Better yet, is the event by something I need to do so I can, as the saying goes, “Kill two birds with one stone”?

I am very guilty of this. As I’ve mentioned before, I am really trying to manage my shopping time better, so I have more time to play. So this means if we are close to a grocery store I frequent, we’re going to make a pit stop, so I don’t have to do it later!

Is it a one-time event or will there be another opportunity?

This question isn’t as important to me. I don’t really have a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but for some, this might bump the event a little higher on your priority list.

How much does it cost?

After my no-spend month, I’ve really started to think through expenses. Although I would much rather spend money on experiences versus things, my family still has a spending limit for entertainment. So, if I’m struggling to choose between two events, I’ll definitely choose the one where I have an annual pass over the more expensive one. And, I definitely keep track of how often I’ve used my annual passes so that I know if I’ve reached my “worth it” status and will want to renew. (For the record, I think everyone should get a Charleston County Parks pass. So worth all the beautiful hikes and sunsets!) 

Are any of our friends attending?

It’s always better with friends! Enough said!

What did our week look like?

I’m a big advocate of planning calm days with busy days. This is, by far, the question that weighs heaviest on me. Do we have the mental and physical energy to go or would it be better to take a rest day? Sometimes, after a week of running here and there, or when my husband is away on business trips for the week, the weekend needs quiet, or we need to find our adventure solely in running errands so we can catch up. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Need more inspiration?

Some of our favorite weekend plans include strolling through a farmers market, participating in a Home Depot kids workshops, hiking at a local park, donating to a Lowcountry Blessing Box, or just being at home. 

So to all the weekend warriors who love exploring and living in Charleston–

From my family to yours: May your weekends, whatever you choose to do, revive, inspire, and refresh you and your family!

Questions to Answer when Deciding What to do This Weekend!
Some weekends, you just need the beach! Done and done!

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