The Best Environmentally-Friendly Holiday Gifts


*This is not a sponsored post but contains products I use and love!

We all have those people on our holiday gift lists who are difficult to shop for. Year after year, you rack your brain. What can I get him/her that is practical? What can I give that will not be tossed aside and wasted? What can I give that is more meaningful than a gift card?

I am here today with some answers!

These are gifts that will not only be fun and practical, but they are environmentally-friendly too! Because let’s be real, we can all afford to do a little better when it comes to caring for our environment. Why not spread the love for our planet and help our family and friends do the same?

I truly am excited about this list because they are all items I would love for myself (some I already own!), but also items that I am getting for multiple people on my list this year.

The Best Environmentally-Friendly Holiday Gifts Charleston Moms1. Reusable Food Storage Bags (Stasher Bag)

Snacks are the name of the game when it comes to parenting. Going through multiple ziplock baggies a day for all. the. snacks. really adds up. These bags are awesome for packing snacks on the go, and I’ve even used them for storing leftovers in the fridge too.

2. Cloth Napkins (Target and Amazon)

Swap out paper towels or napkins for these cute cloth ones! So many colors and patterns to choose from, and you could even take it up a notch and have them embroidered with a name or initial.

3. Reusable Tote Bags (J Crew and Amazon here and here)

Most of us probably have at least a few reusable shopping bags shoved in a drawer or in the back seat of the car. But most of us may not have ones as trendy or durable as these! Make someone’s shopping trips a little brighter with a leopard print bag for lighter shopping or a four-section bag that fits right into a shopping cart for those large grocery hauls.

4. Stainless Steel Tumblers (Healthy Human)

This might be my favorite! I snagged myself a Healthy Human a few months ago, and I use it almost every day. Cold smoothies, hot coffee, even just good old fashioned water! It’s my on-the-go cup of choice and the best part might be that it comes with a stainless steel straw! There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, making it a great choice for everyone on your list.

The Best Environmentally-Friendly Holiday Gifts Charleston Moms

Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season. Your loved ones and the environment will thank you.

Please share your sustainable gift ideas in the comments below!