The Dog Days of Motherhood


As we all know, motherhood holds long days, hard situations, exhaustion, and heated moments. For some of us, we’re also mamas to some furry, tail-waggling, sloppy-kiss-giving babies in between. Today, National Dog Day is their day to be celebrated!

*Thank you to all of my friends who shared their adorable pictures of their dogs and kiddos! 

Here’s to the good dogs…

Here’s to the fur babies who had our love first, and worked through the adjustment of little drooly, crying creatures rocking their world.

For the pups who persevere through the lack of attention once that hairless babe comes around.

dog days

To the ones who make our babies their own…

For the pupperonis who grow to love the scent of their little “hoomans”, and long to curl up with them.


To the doggos who clean sticky fingers, and clear the floor of crumbs after meals — like a good right-hand pup.

This is for the good boys and girls who cause our kids to erupt with the greatest giggles, providing us the joy of hearing our favorite sound in the world!

To the pupper duppers who go along with silly shenanigans that happen with little kids around.

dog days

For the ones whose fur tags along with us as an accessory to every outfit. Picking hair off ourselves throughout the day reminds us of this goofy, whole-hearted love.

Here’s to the fluff babies who can make us believe a simple car ride is the greatest adventure ever!

dog days

To the puppies who teach us perseverance in their training. Many of them have given us a taste of what it feels like to change our lifestyle around to take care of someone — helping to prepare us (just a little) for our human babes.

Here’s to the paw pals always seeking to please. They offer quick forgiveness as we learn how to take care of them, and kisses to make everything better.

This is for the doggies who help us teach our kids more in this life:

      • How to treat animals nicely
      • How to feed and care for another
      • How to bathe and brush fur
      • How to clean up messes
      • How to teach and train, and give positive reinforcement

dog days

Here’s to the rescue pups — the ones harmed by their past — who so bravely step into trusting and loving again. The ones who allow their hearts to heal in the fullness of our families.

This is for the anxious, skittish ones who grow into loyal, confident protectors for their little “hoomans” when life brings them that new responsibility.

To the fierce barkers scaring away those pesky strangers who dare deliver mystery boxes.

Here’s to the good pups who know when we’re sad, and stick close by for snuggles.

dog days

This is for the four-legged loves who are ALWAYS happy to see us — sometimes the only one racing to greet us when we walk through the door.

Here’s to the buddies who are always up for joining in with whatever we’re doing, just because they like to be close to us.


To the wiggly-butts, wet-nosed, freckle-bellied, droopy-jowled, silky-eared cuteness who brighten our lives in the hard days — the ones who so often care for us as we care for the whole family.

May today be an extra special day as we reflect proudly and gratefully on the impact these furry best friends have had on our families. They will never know the exponential joys and love they truly give us, as they’re just aiming to be a good dog — and that they are!

They make the dog days of motherhood sweeter, cuddlier, and goofier than they already are! Let’s give our doggos extra treats today — just for being them!

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Amanda is an upstate New York girl who married a Tennessee guy in 2011 and moved to Charleston the next day. They have adopted two toddler boys from South Korea in 2017 and 2019. She loves to share her heart ponderings and humor lent by beginning motherhood with her toddler who spoke another language. She has a background in non-profit work, but currently stays home with her boys. She enjoys her awkward floppy hound, assertive cuddly cat, but can't keep plants alive. In her "spare time," she loves to create, serve as drummer at her church, dance around the house, or provide harmonies/percussion for her sister's music.