Why I’m Loving This Slow Holiday Season


As with the rest of 2020, this holiday season seems different, and not necessarily a “bad” different. Once mid-November arrives we typically find ourselves busy EVERY weekend with holiday activities, parties, events, family gatherings. Before I know it, my head is spinning and the holidays have come and gone.

This year, the holiday season all feels a bit slower and more relaxed which I am enjoying. For Thanksgiving, we decided to order in our Thanksgiving meal (by the way, if you’re local Hall’s Chop House was AMAZING!) and swapped hours in the kitchen with a long family walk. After dinner, we enjoyed a drive through the beautiful Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. 

Instead of spending hours in long lines at the big chain stores on Black Friday, we opted to shop local on Small Business Saturday and found some great new local shops that we LOVE!

Instead of the big company Christmas parties and large-scale holiday events, this year we’ve decided to host a small holiday party in our home with one of our closest family friends.

Everything just feels more intimate, personal, and special this year.

I feel that I am really able to focus on how blessed we are with our family, our health, our jobs, and our close friends. Instead of giving my time and attention to people who are simply acquaintances, I’m spending quality time with my family and dear friends and really enjoying the moments.

If 2020 has taught me anything it is that when I slow down I’m able to focus more on the people in my life that matter the most and I’m able to more clearly see ALL that I am blessed with!

I’d love to hear what your holiday plans are and if you’re enjoying a slower-paced holiday season?