5 Favorite Fall Activities in Charleston


I love me some Fall.

Being from Upstate New York though, there are moments when fall in Charleston makes me a bit sad.  I don’t think I am alone in this.  Fellow Northern transplants: Who’s with me?!

I’m not sure whether it’s the vibrantly gorgeous leaves turning on the mountains in the backdrop, the nostalgia of my childhood, or those delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, fresh apple cider donuts that don’t quit…but fall in Charleston, well, sometimes falls a little short for me.

Now, please do not misunderstand.  Fall in Charleston is BEAUTIFUL!  The humidity breaks, we dust off our light jackets for the first time since April, and fresh air is welcomed back into the house.  It is glorious.

The leaves do eventually change, come November.  Sometimes they are bright-ish; mostly they are brown!  

Let the record show: Upstate New York weather for 6 LONG months of the year is gray and cold and winter-like (if not straight up winter!), so Charleston wins a million times over.  All.day.long!

There are many things to love about our Fall.  My little, growing family has established traditions over the last 5 years to embrace the season.

Here are our top 5 favorite Fall activities in Charleston…

  1. Sunset on the beach!!! – Our favorite! Sullivan’s Island, Station 12 is our jam.  Bring some snacks, a light jacket/sweatshirt, and a camera/phone for photos.  Lots of perfect photo ops with the Ravenel Bridge in the background.  LOVE. sunset
  2. Walk on the Shem Creek Pier – This is pretty much a non-negotiable for us for every change of season.  We never regret a walk on the Shem Creek Pier.  Never ever.  (Camera – bring it!)
  3. Charleston Farmer’s Market – Going downtown during the day and not sweating your face off is always exciting!  We like to hit up the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning in the fall, followed by Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer a block or so away, and then see where the day takes us.  Waterfront Park is one of our little guy’s favorite spots, so we try to do it all.  We patiently wait our turn to sit on a swinging bench because it just makes his day, which in turn makes ours.farmers market
  4. Pumpkin Walk on Daniel Island – This is usually on the Friday night before Halloween at Smythe Park.  I believe the tickets are around $8.00 for this event; it is a fundraiser for Daniel Island School.  Think: tons of kids with glow sticks, hundreds and hundreds of Jack-O-Lanterns EVERYWHERE, a drum circle, and cupcakes/refreshments.  It is pretty magical and my favorite Daniel Island event of the year.
  5. Football at Home – Okay, not Charleston specific but still a favorite that cannot be ignored.  Fall candle burning, a cheesy nacho dip on the table, and the fireplace on (with windows open, HA!).  Go Giants!

Runner-Up: Zac Brown Band’s Southern Ground Music & Food Festival.  This is actually our FAVORITE, but unfortunately it is not going to be back this fall.  <Insert ugly cry face>  Supposedly, it will be back in the spring.  Here’s hoping!

This year we are determined to go to a high school football game.  Some other year?  A college game would be fantastic!

Happy Fall, everyone!

What is your favorite Fall activity in Charleston?  

Who else is super bummed about ZBB not making it back this Fall?