6 Reasons You Should Jump Into Fitness with Sky Zone!


{This is a sponsored post but the above comments and statements are our own. We would not promote something that we did not believe to be true.}

To me, the best kind of workout is one that makes you forget you’re working out! Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t jumped on a trampoline in years. I’ve been to Sky Zone many times with my daughter for Toddler Time, but don’t normally get to do any bouncing myself. I was excited to have the opportunity to try out Sky Zone’s unique fitness class, formerly known as Sky Robics. Sky Robics is getting a facelift and will become Sky Fit, a low impact workout that combines calisthenics, core exercises, and strength building aerobics – all done on trampoline courts!!


Here are our top 6 reasons why YOU should take a Sky Fit class!

1. It’s a GREAT workout! One hour of Sky Fit could burn up to 1000 calories, depending on how hard you push yourself! Within the first ten minutes of class, my heart rate was up and I had already broken a sweat. We took a few water breaks throughout class which were much needed. I felt sore the next day, which to me is the sign of a successful workout.


2. It’s FUN! You’ll feel like a kid again the second you set foot on the trampolines. I found myself unable to wipe the smile off my face as I was jumping. Our instructor, Jackie, was upbeat, enthusiastic, and encouraging and the other people in class were just as friendly. Some of the more seasoned participants even showed off some tricks at the end of class, doing flips and jumping really high!


3. It’s a unique way to challenge yourself! When I first began jumping I was very cautious, trying to get the hang of being on the trampoline, and finding my balance. Once I got a little more comfortable, I pushed myself to jump even higher, stretch a little farther, or hold a plank just a few seconds longer.

4. It’s well-suited for various fitness levels! Our instructor showed us different variations of each exercise that we could do depending on how hard we wanted to push ourselves. The class was full of women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Sky Fit is low impact and easy on the joints for those who want to work out, but may have pain or discomfort in those areas. Whether you haven’t worked out in years or you’re a seasoned athlete, Sky Fit will be an effective workout for you.

5. It’s more than just jumping on trampolines! Going into class, I expected to just jump up and down for an hour. The workout ended up being so much more than that! Class began with a warm-up where we jumped for 10 minutes all while doing toe touches, tucks, kicks, and other moves. We followed with some interval training where we did an exercise like lunge, push-ups, squats, and planks for 30 second intervals before switching to the next move. We ran laps around the trampoline field – sprinting, jumping, or bouncing from square to square. We did some work with medicine and exercise balls, and finally we stretched and cooled down.

sky zone2

6. It’s unlike any other workout you’ve tried before! Doing the same workout routine day in and day out can get boring fast. For me, bouncing on a trampoline beats running on a treadmill any day! I can’t think of  another workout that boasts burning so many calories in such a short time, while still being a whole lot of fun. Sky Fit is a great way to add some excitement to your normal workout routine.

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With instructors Jackie and Anna. Still smiling after class!

Disclaimer: We know what you’re probably thinking… “I gave birth! How can I jump without taking multiple bathroom breaks during class?!” We  have good news – jumping on a trampoline actually works on strengthening your pelvic floor which is the foundation to a strong core. When your pelvic floor is strong the need for bathroom breaks almost disappears!

Sky Zone is located at 411 Wando Park Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. Sky Fit classes take place every day with morning and evening classes. Whether you’re a working mom or you stay home with your little ones, you are sure to find a class that’s the right fit for your schedule. The full Sky Fit schedule can be found here. Sky Zone offers a number of great activities for all ages – Toddler Time, Sky Club, Homeschool Hop, Sensory Jump, Dodgeball, Camps, Volleyball, Birthday Parties, and more!



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