A Day at the Johns Island Farmers Market


The world’s population will rise from seven billion to nine billion by 2050. Farmers will have to increase food production by 70% to keep pace. With declining resources—like water, labor and land—the task is going to be incredibly challenging. One of the biggest challenges is how to grow our food source while maintaining quality and ethics in food.

Farmers Markets create a space for consumers to purchase from small farms, food producers, and other vendors that are trying to maintain quality. With the growth in popularity of farmers markets means the growth in vendors.  Unfortunately, this results in a lack of transparency for WHERE the food is grown and the quality of the food.

The Johns Island Farmers Market (JIFM) is committed to truth and transparency and they hold each of their vendors to this high standard. They are proud to be the only farmers market in our local region upholding a Truth and Transparency campaign which guarantees that all produce, foods, and handmade goods are honest about how/where they are grown or made. The goal of this market is to create a trustworthy, enriching experience for customers and for them to know that the background work is being done to ensure that everything sold here is legitimately local, sustainable, and labeled correctly.

Johns Island Farmers Market
Blue and Frasier (JIFM owners) visit farms to ensure that truth and transparency is a guarantee at JIFM

My family and I love going to this farmers market because of the friendly vendors, the rotating food trucks, the rocking music, and the kid-friendly activities. We have a few regular vendors that we always purchase from and we love visiting with new vendors and hearing their passion. It is always wonderful to hear about the farms, the cooking process, the foraging, and the thoughtfulness that goes into each product.

Johns Island Farmers Market
Whitemarsh Farms has delicious mushrooms, mushroom powder, and mushroom growing kits

Our eggs, chicken, beef, and pork are from Wishbone Heritage Farms. Farmer David and Farmer Jess are always friendly and full of tips about which cut of meat to purchase. Their sausages are seasoned with spices from Charleston Spice Company (also a wonderful JIFM vendor) and are THE BEST! Farmer David owns Wishbone Heritage Farms and he has chosen to eat proteins from animals that live healthy, vibrant, and low stress lives. This is the model he developed for Wishbone Heritage Farms. Cows and lambs happily eat grass in rotation, while chickens and laying hens forage freely for grass and bugs behind them and are supplemented only with non-GMO grains. Wishbone Heritage Farm’s animals are all antibiotic-free and live out their lives as nature intended with plenty of space, sunshine, support, and respect for each beating heart.

Johns Island Farmers Market
Wishbone is a truly transparent farm. Check out their website for more!

The next stop is for produce at Fire Ant Farms. This is an incredible Johns Island farm with a wide array of veggies and herbs. If you like radishes then this is your stop! Fire Ant farms have leafy greens, beautiful herbs, root vegetables, along with whatever else is seasonal and flourishing on their farm. Want to know more about their soil, pesticides, and practices? THEN ASK THEM! That is the beauty of this farmers market…each of the vendors knows the growing conditions and the source of their product.

Johns Island Farmers Market
Beautiful produce grown on Johns Island

Next stop is to stock up on CBD. This provides my pain relief and keeps my anxiety at bay. CBD is a hot topic and the popularity is growing. That makes the importance of finding a CBD with truth and transparency even greater. CBD Carolinas is a 100% locally manufactured CBD company that offers a refreshingly simple approach to Cannabidiol supplementation. Their products are designed to appeal to health and wellness-oriented markets, and they strive to innovate with unique products. Their competitively priced products are scientist formulated and lab made in West Ashley. CBD Carolinas is organic with minimal ingredients. No unwanted sugar, gelatin, or plant byproducts. They have consistent, accurate dosing with simple, effective capsules and sublingual sprays for health-conscious consumers. Plus they are 99%+ Pure CBD tested for microbials/metals/pesticides.

Johns Island Farmers Market
CBD Carolinas current lineup can be found at JIFM along with online

To keep my family healthy we always make sure we are stocked up on elderberry. At JIFM we purchase elderberry syrup, kombucha, and jam from Sara Gail. Sara Gail is a Registered Dietitian from Daniel Island, SC, and owner of Sara Gail Nutrition. When Sara is not busy counseling clients in her office, she is making her products for the farmer’s market. Sara has been making her products since 2013. Her products include Elderberry syrup, elderberry tincture, kombucha, and handmade essential oil soaps.  

Johns Island Farmers Market
Sara Gail, RD has delicious elderberry syrup, tinctures, and kombucha

To keep life spicy and our gut bacteria happy we always keep Mama Yen’s Kimchi in our fridge!  Kimchi is an incredible source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. Their kimchi comes in a variety of flavors and spice levels. Luckily they offer samples at the market!

Johns Island Farmers Market

And what weekend is complete without a bit of chocolate? 🙂 Phiabella has some of the most unique and delicious creations. Phyllis is the chocolatier and she is an award-winning artist that uses eclectic flavors such as blueberry and basil or bergamot, orange blossom, and herbs. She rotates her 200 recipes so I never know which delight I will find!

These are just a few of my main stops….my family also loves the chai chaga tincture from Out of the weeds (I use to upgrade my coffee!) as well as the delicious mushrooms from Whitemarsh Farms, carrot cake from The Mini Cakery, pimento cheese scones from Two Fat Cooks, and the small family produce farms that are offering variety to the market.

Johns Island Farmers Market
Claire from Out of the Weeds showcases her production of tinctures to the JIFM owners during their truth and transparency visit

Along with truth and transparency in local shopping, the Johns Island Farmers Market has many other unique offerings. The location at the Charleston Collegiate School campus offers amenities such as ample safe, free parking, a game pavilion, and pleasant oak tree-covered areas that are pet-friendly. Multiple breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, and drink options along with comfortable seating areas, cozy fire pits, a kids play zone, and musical entertainment make the Johns Island Farmers Market a true local loving place to experience each Saturday.

Johns Island Farmers Market
JIFM is a place where kids can play, parents can shop, and consumers can feel confident they are supporting truly local honest businesses.

Join me and my family all year long, every Saturday from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm at 2024 Academy Drive to see what sets this market apart from the rest!

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