Calling North Charleston “Home”


“We didn’t realize that there were nice neighborhoods on this side of town.”

I didn’t think about my friend’s words until a few days later, when another shooting happened just a couple of miles from our home. Our home off of Dorchester Road in North Charleston. 

On any given day, a quick look at our local news stations’ Facebook feeds or websites have North Charleston written all over them. From drug busts, to the shootings that occur far too often, it seems as if North Charleston should be the last place parents raise their children. Yet, here I am with thousands of other families doing just that. Whether we have chosen to move here, or are natives to North Chuck, it is where we call home, and sometimes it is easy to become a little upset when people speak negatively about our community. Yes, the crime rate in North Charleston rivals that of major cities, but there are citizens and business owners who are doing their best to brighten the city.

I know there are other places in the Charleston area that are known a bit more for their beauty and vibrant atmosphere, but North Charleston has some pretty bright spots, too.

Calling North Charleston Home
My husband strolling through Riverfront Park with our baby girl.

Just this weekend, my husband and I took our newborn and furbaby to Riverfront Park to walk along the Cooper River.  In the past, we’ve run 5Ks through the North Charleston Wannamaker County Park. The Park Circle area is one of the city’s most up-and-coming communities. It is home to some laid-back and delicious restaurants. The North Charleston Farmers Market at the Felix C. Davis Community Center on Thursdays boasts an array of fresh and local produce and other goodies.

I could continue by talking about the outdoor concerts and the big names that are now coming to the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center, or how we have some great shopping areas, but I won’t. I won’t justify why I choose to live in North Charleston, or why I am able to walk through my neighborhood without having to peek over my shoulder. All I can do is to continue sharing reasons why North Charleston is working for our family right now. Aside from the great restaurants,parks, and concerts, we do still  have the same beautiful Lowcountry sunrises and sunsets. I hope you’ll come see visit us on the north side soon.

What are your favorite places to visit around North Charleston?


  1. awesome! I live in North Charleston too and love it. For those that can’t afford living closer to the coast or don’t want to stretch their pocket book, North Charleston is the spot to be! I don’t feel bad or ashamed about it. I’m actually quite proud we live within our means and aren’t in debt or have not spare income just to afford the “better” neighborhoods around town. I love being convenient to everything and our jobs and not get stuck in rush hour traffic. So North Charleston is perfect for us. Hello neighbor!

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