Explore SC: Bee City Zoo


I don’t know about you, but the minute we reach autumn, my heart is beyond ready for outdoor activities that we needed to wait for a breeze to do. While we love our Charleston summers, I definitely hold out for certain activities, purposefully waiting for cooler days. And nothing says “it’s fall” to me like the zoo.

But wait, what zoo? I know, I know, Charleston doesn’t have a zoo. It breaks my activity-spoiled Chicago-bound heart. Now you could of course take the drive up to Columbia where you’ll most definitely get your zoo time.

But if you’re looking for a nearby quick fix, or if your tiny humans hate car rides like mine and need something closer, Bee City Zoo is a solid compromise!

Bee City Zoo

Located just under an hour away from our beautiful city, this “interactive zoo” has dozens of animals to see, touch, and feed! Have a farm animal-loving babe? There are ponies and goats. Have a little one who loves to monkey around? There is a handful of those too! Maybe a kiddo who loves the idea of a safari? There are giraffes, tigers, and more!

Besides their expansive animal exhibits, there is a ton of space to explore with their kid’s garden, picnic area, and bee garden.

It definitely makes you a little homesick for a large zoo if you’re from a bigger city, but until that next visit to the grandparents, it’ll bring back that little bit of fall animal fun!

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